Framed Feather Jewelry Tray


Awhile back I found the most adorable little framed feather wall hangings at Hobby Lobby for $4. They were so charming and had a short stint in the downstairs powder room and then they made an appearance in the bedroom as a duo.


And now — one of them has become a jewelry tray that lives on my bedside table.

brtray6It’s perfect for slipping off my ring and earrings before I go to sleep.


I happen to be a huge fan of repurposing items and using them in ways other than it’s original intent.



It’s small enough to not be intrusive but big enough to hold a few pieces of jewelry. Sometimes all you have to do is look at an item in a different way to discover a whole new use.


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HFN on Facebook & Instagram

Social media is one of those things that took me forever to join and now I probably need to go to rehab for social media addicts.


I mean have you seen some of the gorgeous stuff on IG?? See how close we are? We call each other by our initials now. insta3

I post inspiring pictures and behind the scenes look at my life. insta2

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It’s the Details That Matter


I read this quote last week and it stuck with me. Mostly because I always focus on the details. And I often stop and ask myself if having fresh flowers on the bedside table really matter or if the pictures I choose to hang on the walls matter.

The answer is yes.


I get paralyzed sometimes by the big picture. By knowing that my list is soooo long. But when I break it down to the small details and work my way out — it somehow gets easier for me.


So in the scheme of things — whether my pillows match my quilt isn’t that big of a deal — but they make me smile and make walking into my bedroom a joy.

I started getting my home ready for spring. Adding lighter colors and switching out pillows. These details make me happy.entrytable

Life is beautiful. Not just because of pretty things or a nicely laid out room. But because of the things that matter the most.


Today — I’m cherishing listening to loud giggles and committing their glee to my memory.

What details are you living for today?

Welcome to the Weekend


I’ve been having a hard time sleeping lately. I lay down at night and run long to-do lists in my head like a crazy person. And it won’t stop. I have a few theories as to why this is happening to me. Could be social media overstimulization. Could be Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD. Or it could be that giant cup of coffee I drink at 4pm to get me through the rest of the day.

It’s totally the coffee.

My friend told me about this ambient music website that helps her fall asleep and I was super skeptical. I mean whale noises and chirping birds don’t really do it for me.

I went ahead and tried it anyway. This music is so calming I’m not even kidding. My husband was asleep is 3 seconds (that is totally NOT an exaggeration). It took me awhile longer cause you know — lists.

But seriously — if you need a chill out session — check it out.

bedsidetableOn my nightstand: I’ve been heavy into design books lately. Right now I have Sarah Style by Sarah Richardson and The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith. I’ve read The Nesting Place twice already — it’s that good.

happyhandmadehomeAnd not to be forgotten — A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home is also pretty darn inspiring.


I am most definitely in love with this tufted bench with antiqued gold legs from Target. And when the Target associate told me that it has been discontinued and it also happened to be the last one on the shelf — I grabbed it without a second thought. But when I got it home — I wasn’t wowed. So back it went. I hope it finds a good home.


I did some rearranging and crazy, frenzied spring cleaning in the kitchen and I loved how fresh it felt. Now I only have about 5 other rooms to spring clean.

So how was your week? 

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42 Days In

42 days into the year and I have been feeling so creative. Winter seems to be winding down here in Houston and with a week of 70 degree weather — I have been spring cleaning like a mad woman. I’ve thrown open the windows and put away the flannel sheets in favor of bright colors and light linens. pearwatercolor

I took a few minutes the other morning and sat down with my daughter’s watercolors. Of course, a pear was the outcome. But it was such a refreshing way to spend the morning. Slowing down and creating something pretty. It’s something I vow to do on a regular basis. bedroomrefresh2I was really over the monochromatic bedroom that I did a few months ago. It was — dare I say– boring. I was craving white, bright colors, and a fresher look. So I took everything off the walls and out of the room and just went for it. It turned out great and I can’t wait to share the full refresh next week. I still have a few little tweaks to make. graygoldGray and gold is my favorite color combo lately. And always.


I got a chance to get out and get a mani/pedi for the first time in months. #treatyoself. And of course I match my toenail polish to my shirt. Doesn’t everyone?

So how are things going for you 42 days in? 

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H&M Strikes Gold

Sometimes I find things that are just too good. Like make me shiver good. Such as all this gold deliciousness from H&M.

H&M Gold

I’m literally fawning over that gold metallic pillow and that basket. I’m not usually all gold everything — but today — I want it all!
I also happen to love that everything is so cheap! My favorite thing about decorating is the accessorizing. That’s the fun part — and with prices like this I can accessorize my little heart out!

Eat Your Heart Out | Cupcake Recipe


I’m not sure what it is about Valentine’s Day that makes me want to bake cupcakes. Maybe it’s my three little girls who are obsessed with cupcakes and binge watch Cupcake Wars on Netflix.


It could be that this time of year just calls for sweet and pink and yummy baked goods. But whatever it is, I’m glad I decided to bake these really good cupcakes yesterday.

They’re pretty darn tasty.


Last year I tried my hand at these super adorable ombre cupcakes. But this year I knew I wanted to do a twist and add a sweet surprise in the middle.


A strawberry. Red and sweet. All I did was fill half a cupcake liner with the batter then I added a strawberry to the center and topped with more batter.

And the cupcakes themselves are a super easy and really delicious vanilla cupcake.


I went easy on the sugar in the cupcake because I knew the frosting was going to be pretty sweet.

Speaking of frosting — I made butter cream for the first time and I’m hooked. I won’t tell you how many cupcakes I’ve devoured so far. But the number is definitely more than one.



(original recipe found here)

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Snapshots of Home

There always seems to be a mountain of work to do at home.


Laundry, bathrooms to clean, episodes of Scandal to watch, floors to vacuum, socks to mate, hair to comb, clutter to toss, bills to pay, lost Barbie shoes to find, coat closets to organize, broken toys to fix, breakfast/lunch/dinner to cook, dishes to wash, shirts to press, toilets to scrub, parks to visit, beds to make and this list goes on.

The actual never ending story.


All of it can take away from those precious quiet moments.


Those times when the house is tidy. Everything is in it’s place and I can sit back and enjoy it for the 10 minutes that it will stay that way.


Those times when a hot cup of coffee can make any problem disappear.


Those times when a pile full of pillows can brighten my day.


Or those times when the sun shines through the window just right.

Those times when nothing else matters but the here and now. One of my goals this year was to slow down and enjoy the now instead of focusing on the next thing to do.

How do you connect with the now? 

And as always

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6 Low Cost Ways to Decorate Your Rental

6 Tips to decorate a rental

The hardest part about living in a rental home is that you can’t just do whatever you want. Most landlords want to keep their properties neutral for mass appeal — so there are sometimes restrictions on how much you can change the structure of a rental.

Having been living in rentals for the past 10 years while we prepare for our forever home, I’ve learned a few tricks to make a rental feel less cold and stark and more like a place where you can kick off your shoes and enjoy a cup of coffee.

  1. Removable wall paper has got to be the best thing for renters since sliced bread — well you know what I mean. It’s a super easy way to inject color, personality and warmth without making a permanent change. And it will peel off leaving no damage behind.
  2. Throw pillows are the easiest way to add color in texture to a room in an low cost way. Change the pillows with the seasons or whenever the mood strikes.
  3. I’m a total sucker for a good accessory. I always say that it’s the little things that make a home. That gilded vase or that quirky animal head hanging on the wall shows who you are. Nothing makes home feel like home more than a bunch of stuff that you love. And unlike huge investment pieces — like a couch or dining table — these little accessories are affordable enough to be changed on a whim.
  4. I love a good pouf. They are just so darn interesting. There also happens to be about a million different styles so you can find one that fits into your decor. Try a pouf instead of a coffee table — especially if you’re low on space. And bonus — it can double as an ottoman and extra seating.
  5. Mirrors are pretty awesome. Not only do you get to look at yourself in them — but they bounce around light like nobody’s business. Hang or lean a mirror across from a window and watch as you magically double the light in the room.
  6. Plants are so underrated. I know a lot of people avoid them because they’re afraid that they will kill them off. If you are afraid of your black thumb — choose sturdy plants that are hard to kill. Or — gasp — try a faux plant. They actually have fabulous fake plants and trees that look amazingly real.

Don’t feel limited by your rental so much that you settle for a blah beige box. I can’t wait to be able to paint kitchen cabinets and knock down walls in my forever home — but knowing that there are things I can do RIGHT NOW to make this place feel like home makes waiting a little easier.

Do you have any tips on decorating a rental? Do share!

And as always

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February Favorites


I’m not really a Valentine’s Day person. Not because I think it’s  a commercial holiday (which it is) or that we should show our love everyday of the year not just on Feb 14 (which is true), but because I just generally don’t get excited over pink and chocolates and hearts and teddy bears.

Chocolate on it’s own. Yes. In a big red heart shaped box? Meh.

Not to say that I don’t enjoy any excuse to celebrate love. Because I do.

Which brings me to my favorite things for February. I’ll probably have a low key date night with my husband and these are just a few things I’d grab to get ready.


1. I love a good chandelier earring as much as the next girl, but I adore these simple and classic silver earrings from Target.

2. Lately I’ve been loving anything floral. Maybe because spring is on the horizon. This is a homemade fabric flower that my mother made a few years ago. I’ve been wearing it like a brooch on blazers and sweaters.

3. Sparkles just exude romance. This gorgeous necklace came from Charming Charlie. And if you’ve never been to Charming Charlie, it’s like a time warp. I seriously lose hours in this store.

4. Having my nails painted always makes me feel put together and polished. I’m loving this girly neutral Desert Rose by Rimmel London.   

5. And no look is complete without a fabulous fragrance. I’ve always loved Summer by Burberry. It smells just like summer.

So are you all about Valentine’s Day or are you like me and just like an excuse to eat chocolate? 

*This is not a sponsored post. I just genuinely love all this stuff.