How to Decorate a Room


For the past few days I’ve been talking about how to turn your inspiration into a real life room. Using Pinterest is one thing, but actually utilizing it as a tool is another thing. Today I’m giving you a few pointers on how to decorate your room by starting with your inspiration.

Take note of what you have to work with. If it’s a piece of furniture, make that your starting point. If it’s a wall color that you are unable to change – start there.

Search for inspiration. Use photos that incorporate your item, color, layout, etc. Make a board and pin until you feel like you have a good reference point.

Pull out one inspiration photo. Let it be something specific that you can build upon. Whether a color palette, a unique DIY or piece of furniture.

DSCF3483Begin to incorporate colors and items relating directly to your inspiration. Be literal here. If this photo were your inspiration, you could paint your walls white or hang crisp white curtains. Add in pops of copper via a lamp or hardware.

Remember that you are building your room piece by piece. It will take time but once you have a clear destination, it will become easier to put the pieces together.


And the best tip I could ever give is not to rush it. Your room coming together over time will look much more organic and collected. When you have time to give thought to your design — your home will feel like…well…home.

Do you have any tried and true tips on how to decorate a room? Where do you start?

How to Turn Inspiration into Real Life Part ll & 3 Easy Tips

living room before and after

Yesterday, I talked about the state of my living room before I started decorating and making it my own.


I had two giant purple chairs, mismatched side tables and cheap Ikea furniture. At the time — I couldn’t go out and buy all new everything. I had to get creative and make my stuff work for me.

It all started with inspiration. I lived on Pinterest and pinned every home décor image that referenced the color of my chairs. I knew that – at the time – replacing the chairs wasn’t an option – so I had to make them work.

The first image I found was this:

Purple Interior Decorating Collection Living Room Accents


I loved how the teal, navy and chartreuse worked with the deep purple. And it was just a colorful room that all somehow works! I was in love.


TIP 1 – Live with it

After adding the color teal in through art that I DIY’d. I lived with it a little bit and I realized that it didn’t work. I hated it. Utterly hated the way the teal (turquoise?) worked with the purple. My poor, confused husband never said a word — though I did ask his opinion plenty of times.

You’d think maybe I’d be deterred — but I wasn’t ready to give up. I knew perfection wasn’t achieved overnight so I kept looking.

TIP 2 – Keep looking

The next picture I found was one of a pillow that had all the color notes I was going for.

Decorative Pillow: plum,  green, purple, and taupe

I loved the colorway of this pillow and the pillow itself, so I thought I’d try to recreate it as an art piece to tie all the colors together. Art is the easiest way to bring in colors and unify a room.

Next I took an old dresser and gave it a fresh coat of paint. These few changes began to transform the room in a major way.


TIP 3 – Add in metallic for a luxe, pulled together look

If you remember those four canvases that I painted to match the chairs – I did a quick DIY to make them fit into the new scheme. Not only did I weave in the new gray color, but I sprinkled the deep purple throughout the room to bring it all together.

beforegold leaf before


So the moral of the story is — if you make a wrong decision, don’t give up! You never know if it will work until you try it. And live with it!

As much as I’d love to have new furniture, I was thrilled to have spent a minimal amount of money to change the whole look and feel of the living room.

Tomorrow I’m going to break down my easy formula for decorating a room. I use the approach to every room I decorate or refresh now!

How to Turn Inspiration into Real Life – Part 1


Nobody starts out with the perfect home.

Decorating a home to your personal style takes time. And the longer it takes to collect and curate the things you love — the more you will enjoy your space.

Sure — you could go out and buy a set of furniture — pillows and art included — but it will say nothing about who you are. The personality is NOT included.

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to start you on the right path to creating a home you will fall in love with every time you walk in the door.



We bought our furniture years ago. Before the kids. Before we even had one year of marriage under our belts.

I remember standing in the furniture store, 22 years old, picking out stuff for my house. It was up to me. I couldn’t believe I was going to get to choose it all. This was back when I thought going to the grocery store was still fun.

Being young and never having even cracked a decor magazine before — I chose two overstuffed — very purple — arm chairs and a neutral couch. I was proud of myself too. Here I was decorating like a boss.

As much as I loved those purple chairs — I could never fully figure out how to make them work for me.

At one point I had the chairs color matched and I painted four canvases to bring the color elsewhere in the room.

It would have been easier to just get rid of the purple chairs and buy something else but between having 3 babies and moving 4 times — I had neither the time, money nor the energy.

Once my youngest daughter was 2 years old, I finally had the strength and courage to tackle decorating with the purple chairs.

I took note of everything I had to work with. The chairs, the mismatched tables, the cheap Ikea TV stand and lamps. It looked like a hodgepodge of things — but I knew I could make it all work.

Come back tomorrow and find out how I used inspiration pictures to help me make my purple chairs and all my random furniture make sense!

Gold Mannequin Jewelry Stand


I posted a photo of this guy on Instagram a while ago but I’m just now getting around to writing about him. You know how it goes. Work, kids, life.

Motherhood has taught me a lot of things in the past 9 plus years that I have been mothering children.

Make sure you always have a wet wipe available. Be sure to map out the quickest way to a restroom anywhere you go. And always have a snack and a change of clothes ready.

But really — the most important is to not take myself so seriously.


It’s a good lesson. See, I’ve even been able to incorporate it into how I decorate our home. I’m 100% guilty of fussing over pillows and meticulously arranging (and rearranging) furniture and accessories.


But a few weeks ago, I came across something that made me smile at the thought of it.

I found this little guy at Tuesday Morning and I knew he would look fantastic gold with jewels dripping from around his neck. (He started out a pale, flesh color)

My husband didn’t get it, but I knew I needed to have fun with decorating for once.

I decided to take the very serious part of my personality and push her to the side for a minute.


And I’m happy I did. The result was a big belly laugh from my girls when they saw my new jewelry holder. They all want one in various colors now.


For me, the lesson is simple.

Sometimes you have to put aside the serious face and smile a little. This guy makes me grin. And he’s doing a pretty good job of holding my necklaces too.



Plastic mannequin

Rustoleum Gold spray paint

Are you a serious decorator or do you have fun with it?

And as always

stay connected


Life in a Cube


While most people dread the cold, gray cubicle — I happen to love mine.

It may be because I didn’t had a space of my own when I stayed at home with the girls. Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s a totally blank space that I get to gussy up.

But now that I’m back at work, I can’t wait to make this boring cubicle pretty.

I’ve been brainstorming and pinning pictures in Pinterest like a crazy woman.

I’m looking to have a functional space that’s beautiful too. I’m going for light, airy with touches of teal and silver. Flowers of the faux variety are a must. And pretty storage tops the list.

The blog has moved! Read the rest of this post HERE. And don’t forget to bookmark the new website!

September Four

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Life Lately


Contrary to the evidence otherwise — I haven’t slipped into the abyss and abandoned this beloved blog in the process. Life just got incredibly full — a brand spankin’ new job (after 5 years of being a stay at home mom), birthday parties, urgent care visits and an obscene amount laundry.

I’m figuring the balance out and after 3 weeks on the job — I think I’m getting the hang of it.

I’m mastering batch cooking and sticking to my laundry schedule. All while getting 2nd and 3rd grade homework done. #callmesuperwoman


It’s definitely a challenge to find the time and energy to do stuff around the house but I’m excited to pretty up my cubicle at work. I took a trip to World Market today and found a few goodies for my desk!

So life lately has been full of change. The kind of good change that makes you stand back, cross your arms and smile at it all.

And as always

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