Home is Right Where You Are


This phrase kept popping into my head today.

Home is right where you are. 

I’m not sure if it’s all the changes in my life right now or the fact that the girls are getting older and me too for that matter — but I keep searching for that settled feeling. I keep looking forward to what’s next instead of making the most of what’s now.

I grew up a military brat — shuffled from this state to the next — never really getting a chance to feel like I truly belonged before the orders were handed down and we were shipped off to the next place.

I call Virginia my home but right now here in Texas. But I keep thinking about leaving. About moving closer to our family.

And I’m forgetting that I live here right now.

I want the girls to feel secure at home — wherever that may be — so I know that I have to stand firm where I am.

A good friend once told me to be where your feet are. And right now my feet are in Houston, Texas.

Sometimes when home is far away — it’s hard for me to give my all to this place that isn’t really my home. But I’m here for a reason. God has guided us here and I can’t lose sight of the fact that I’m supposed to be here right now today. And maybe even for years to come.

I wouldn’t trade anything for my experience being a military brat. It made me stronger, more willing to take an adventure and a master at packing up a house.

Where I am today is home. Right where I am.

Sometimes I just need a little reminder.

Making it Work — In the Bedroom

Awhile ago, I found some gorgeous ikat fabric at Joanne’s that I fell in love with. The shades of gray and the citron (though it looks way more yellow in the photos) was perfect.

Until I changed my mind with the direction the bedroom was headed and the colors didn’t work at all anymore.

So I did what any sane person would do — I painted the fabric.


Before on the right. After on the left. Confusing — I know.

fabricmakeoverThere are those moments when you just have to make something work. I am a master at painting things to make it into what I need it to be.

I used a regular matte wall paint, a small paint brush and about 15 minutes to paint and a half hour to dry.  And I figured that if it didn’t turn out well — I was only out about $3 for the fabric. This was totally a low risk project that I’m glad I decided to take on.

Now I know that this isn’t going to be a solution that’s always available — but it worked in this instance and I really like how it turned out.


I didn’t like it (anymore) — so I changed it.  And that’s my tip for the day. Just because it started out one way doesn’t mean that it must stay that way. Take risks. Decorating a home is an adventure.

And as always –

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Painted Watch Box DIY

paintedwatchbox (1)

I hate to admit that sometimes I hoard things other people would throw away without a second thought. For whatever reason, my mind always manages to think of some way to use something that would otherwise be in the trash.

Take this plain old watch box and a single copper spray painted drawer pull.

paintedwatchboxbeforeI couldn’t help but see this watch box as a cute little storage box to sit on my nail head trim table.

I’m a sucker for monochromatic so I painted this the same color as the table and it also happens to be a variation of the color I painted the mirrors in my bedroom.

paintedwatchbox3I glued the copper drawer pull on and called it done. I’m so in love with the copper and this shade of blue. #perfectmatch

It’s a simple thing to do — transform something that was headed towards the trash can into something useful. It may not be a huge box but it can hold q-tips, cotton balls, matches or even jewelry.


So tell me, am I the only one who looks at trash and sees what it could be? 

And as always –

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I took some time and unplugged from the world.

This is the only summer that my girls will be 8, 6 and 2. And possibly the last summer before I return back to work full time.

I’ve been spending my days making memories and living in the moment. Silly crafts with the girls, baking cookies and playing outside in the Houston sun.

Part of that is still doing what I love to do. Making this place into a home. And I have managed to do a few things that have been on my list for quite awhile.


The girls room is inching closer and closer to being finished.


A trip to Ikea added a few things that have been on my list for quite awhile. Like this black and white pillow that I have loved for forever. And a bedside table for the girls room.


I made a really cool star burst wall hanging using stuff I found around the house.

I’m painting a piece of furniture that I hope will solve some storage issues and I finally feel like our tiny bathroom with no windows is done! I can’t wait to share it all.

So do you ever unplug and live in the moment? 

DIY Rosette Pillow


Sometimes you don’t need to go out and buy something new to spruce up a room or a chair. Sometimes all you have to do is look at what you already have and figure out a way to make it into what you want it to be.

That’s the story of this pillow. Sadly I don’t have any before pictures because I wasn’t sure it it was actually going to work.

But surprise.


It did.

I followed this tutorial for this pillow. I used an old sheet — which happened to be the exact color I wanted.

It took a a few hours to twist and glue all the strips of fabric to the pillow but it was worth it. I love all the texture it adds.


I’ve been on a mission to use what I already have before I go and spend money on something new. It really makes me appreciate what’s already in my house when I can use things in a different way. This method also tends to be very budget friendly.

And as always

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Faux Nail-head Trim Table DIY




fauxnailheadtablecollageSometimes change doesn’t need to come in the form of a whole room makeover. Sometimes it’s those small details that make the most difference.

I used regular silver thumbtacks that I had on hand to add the detail to this inexpensive wooden table that I painted navy blue. It took me less than an hour. That’s my kind of DIY.

Ever since I posted about my bedroom last week — I’ve realized that I actually did miss color. I love the quietness of a monochromatic room but color brings life. I’ve added in a teal blue for a little splash of color. I painted over an old painting and hung it above the DIY framed art.

I also DIY’d the box with the copper pull.


I added a basket beneath the table for a little texture and a place to hold my favorite sequined pillow — since honestly it’s not that comfortable to lean up against.


The thing I’m trying to remember as I focus on making a home is that it’s the small details that really make me smile. It doesn’t take a pile of cash to make something beautiful — even if that would be nice — it’s the time and love that I pour into transforming this place one small project at a time.

And as always –

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6 Super Tasty Summer Recipes to Try


Pinterest is a bad habit that I don’t care to shake. I pin delicious looking recipes all day long. But I seldom ever make anything I pin. But I’ve decided to change that this summer.

And since I get stuck in cooking ruts — where I make the same things over and over again — I know my family would appreciate some variation in the menu. I don’t think I could have picked a more delicious bunch to start with.

Starting with these six super tasty looking recipes. And I’d thought I’d give you some inspiration to get in the kitchen and try your hand at these recipes too.


1.  Honey Porter Glazed Chicken Skewers — Since it’s summer, we grill about once a week. These are at the top of my list.

2.  Spicy Chicken and Pepper Jack Pizza — my kids love homemade pizza. I’d probably do a less spicy version for the kids

3.  Shrimp Cobb Salad — I’m all over this one. Cobb salads are my absolute favorite and the shrimp is a great twist on a classic cobb

4.  Chai Tea Ice cubes — Chai tea is so yummy. This is a perfect summer brunch idea.

5.  Vanilla Slice Krempita — To borrow a phrase from Rachael Ray — Yummo!

6.  Raw Bounty Bars — I love coconut and I love chocolate. Enough said.

So I guess I better get busy with this cooking endeavor. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

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17 Fabulous Ideas for Maximizing Corner Space


I have been on a mission to banish every empty corner in our home. They just scream at me — all barren and wasting perfectly good space.

So when Hometalk asked me to put together a clipboard of ideas on how to maximize corner space — I jumped at the opportunity. Mostly because I still have a few lingering corners that I need some inspiration for.

Take a look at these great spaces that make the most of those small corners that are sometimes hard to figure out what to do with.

So how do you utilize those corner areas? Inspire me — I still have a few to rid my house of.

And as always –

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3 Trends I Can Jump On the Bandwagon For

I’ve never been known to be a bandwagon jumper. I usually take the path that no one is on. And I enjoy my peace and quiet.

But lately there have been some trends that I’m trying my hardest not to jump on the bandwagon with. I usually wait awhile to determine if the trend is going to become classic and timeless or if it will be everywhere and then fizzle out.

Like chevron and ombre.

So if you see these trendy things pop up in my home — don’t be surprised. I’m crushing hard.

1. Poufs

 photo 1-rumi-neely-fashion-toast-home-tour_zps810a0795.jpgvia

I’m having a slight love affair with poufs. At first I thought they were stupid. Because really — it’s really just a grown up bean bag chair. Then I realized that they are everything. Seriously — they’re so versatile. I love how it’s being used as a coffee table in this photo but they also can double as extra seating. I have seen a few that I have fallen head over heels in love with — but sadly they were out of my price range. But I’m keeping my eye out.

2. Fiddle leaf fig trees


I was really hesitant about this one — stubbornly refusing to even entertain the idea of getting one of these. They’re everywhere. And it’s like being the only kid in 7th grade without an iphone. You just feel really lame with your mom’s cast off flip phone. So if I can find one of these guys — I’m pretty sure he’ll be coming home with me.

3. Sea Urchins



I have seen these everywhere for awhile now and I always loved them. But because I have seen them everywhere — they just seemed so unoriginal. I love the use of them in this photo. Grouped and hanging. In love. I’m not so sure I’m going to run out and purchase myself a few sea urchins — but I have a blank wall that’s just screaming for some sea life.

That’s my top three. What’s on your trending list? 

and as always

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Monochromatic Master Bedroom

Our bedroom has been one of the most neglected rooms in our house for far too long.


I started by painting the mirrors and then painting them again with a moody blue. And then the bedroom sat for months — untouched — and it was driving me crazy. I really wanted to create a restful place for us that we actually wanted to come to at the end of the day. I wanted to make a room that we enjoyed being in — instead of what it had become — a glorified laundry room.

Clearly, I’m still fine tuning this space. I’d love night stands with drawers, a bench at the end of the bed and I even imagine a small writing desk in here somewhere. But I am really already enjoying this space.


I decided quiet purposefully to make this a monochromatic room. I love pops of color but nothing I tried seemed right. It was jarring and not at all in the quiet, restful vein I was reaching for. So I stuck with variations of gray as my base. If I want to add color at any point, it will be easy.masterrevamp11

I hung curtains not too long ago and I love the pattern. They really make the room feel finished. I can’t say enough about curtains. Hang them!


We have two dressers in our bedroom that hold our trays with all our perfumes, cologne and jewelry. I’m no pro at styling surfaces — but we actually live in our bedroom so I didn’t want to add any thing that’s unnecessary or that will be in the way.




I also tried to add in a few plants. They make me happy. I relocated our little lemon plant from the living room until I can find another one I like.


I shared our small sitting area on the other side of the room last week but ultimately I envision a small writing desk here if I could ever find the right piece.


I added the sparkly pillow — which I LOVE — to the chair. I just love the glam.


I also added a huge mirror opposite the window. It reflects so much light and makes the room feel even larger. I love the drama of a huge mirror.


Next to the bathroom we have a small cabinet that holds our towels and also has a hamper at the bottom. I love being able to hide the jumble of dirty clothes behind a door. And even though the one linen closet in the house is just a short walk down the hall — I love having our linens right in the room.


I used the top of the cabinet as an opportunity for a little more gray and a pop of blue.


And that’s it. For now, I’m loving the direction. I’ll continue to add until it’s just right. Normally I avoid the bedroom unless I’m sleeping — but I’ve been drawn to the space now that it functions way better than before. It’s become a bright, relaxing space. Exactly what I was after.

And as always

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