H&M Strikes Gold

Sometimes I find things that are just too good. Like make me shiver good. Such as all this gold deliciousness from H&M.

H&M Gold

I’m literally fawning over that gold metallic pillow and that basket. I’m not usually all gold everything — but today — I want it all!
I also happen to love that everything is so cheap! My favorite thing about decorating is the accessorizing. That’s the fun part — and with prices like this I can accessorize my little heart out!

6 Low Cost Ways to Decorate Your Rental

6 Tips to decorate a rental

The hardest part about living in a rental home is that you can’t just do whatever you want. Most landlords want to keep their properties neutral for mass appeal — so there are sometimes restrictions on how much you can change the structure of a rental.

Having been living in rentals for the past 10 years while we prepare for our forever home, I’ve learned a few tricks to make a rental feel less cold and stark and more like a place where you can kick off your shoes and enjoy a cup of coffee.

  1. Removable wall paper has got to be the best thing for renters since sliced bread — well you know what I mean. It’s a super easy way to inject color, personality and warmth without making a permanent change. And it will peel off leaving no damage behind.
  2. Throw pillows are the easiest way to add color in texture to a room in an low cost way. Change the pillows with the seasons or whenever the mood strikes.
  3. I’m a total sucker for a good accessory. I always say that it’s the little things that make a home. That gilded vase or that quirky animal head hanging on the wall shows who you are. Nothing makes home feel like home more than a bunch of stuff that you love. And unlike huge investment pieces — like a couch or dining table — these little accessories are affordable enough to be changed on a whim.
  4. I love a good pouf. They are just so darn interesting. There also happens to be about a million different styles so you can find one that fits into your decor. Try a pouf instead of a coffee table — especially if you’re low on space. And bonus — it can double as an ottoman and extra seating.
  5. Mirrors are pretty awesome. Not only do you get to look at yourself in them — but they bounce around light like nobody’s business. Hang or lean a mirror across from a window and watch as you magically double the light in the room.
  6. Plants are so underrated. I know a lot of people avoid them because they’re afraid that they will kill them off. If you are afraid of your black thumb — choose sturdy plants that are hard to kill. Or — gasp — try a faux plant. They actually have fabulous fake plants and trees that look amazingly real.

Don’t feel limited by your rental so much that you settle for a blah beige box. I can’t wait to be able to paint kitchen cabinets and knock down walls in my forever home — but knowing that there are things I can do RIGHT NOW to make this place feel like home makes waiting a little easier.

Do you have any tips on decorating a rental? Do share!

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3 Trends I Can Jump On the Bandwagon For

I’ve never been known to be a bandwagon jumper. I usually take the path that no one is on. And I enjoy my peace and quiet.

But lately there have been some trends that I’m trying my hardest not to jump on the bandwagon with. I usually wait awhile to determine if the trend is going to become classic and timeless or if it will be everywhere and then fizzle out.

Like chevron and ombre.

So if you see these trendy things pop up in my home — don’t be surprised. I’m crushing hard.

1. Poufs

 photo 1-rumi-neely-fashion-toast-home-tour_zps810a0795.jpgvia

I’m having a slight love affair with poufs. At first I thought they were stupid. Because really — it’s really just a grown up bean bag chair. Then I realized that they are everything. Seriously — they’re so versatile. I love how it’s being used as a coffee table in this photo but they also can double as extra seating. I have seen a few that I have fallen head over heels in love with — but sadly they were out of my price range. But I’m keeping my eye out.

2. Fiddle leaf fig trees


I was really hesitant about this one — stubbornly refusing to even entertain the idea of getting one of these. They’re everywhere. And it’s like being the only kid in 7th grade without an iphone. You just feel really lame with your mom’s cast off flip phone. So if I can find one of these guys — I’m pretty sure he’ll be coming home with me.

3. Sea Urchins



I have seen these everywhere for awhile now and I always loved them. But because I have seen them everywhere — they just seemed so unoriginal. I love the use of them in this photo. Grouped and hanging. In love. I’m not so sure I’m going to run out and purchase myself a few sea urchins — but I have a blank wall that’s just screaming for some sea life.

That’s my top three. What’s on your trending list? 

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Monochromatic Master Bedroom

Our bedroom has been one of the most neglected rooms in our house for far too long.


I started by painting the mirrors and then painting them again with a moody blue. And then the bedroom sat for months — untouched — and it was driving me crazy. I really wanted to create a restful place for us that we actually wanted to come to at the end of the day. I wanted to make a room that we enjoyed being in — instead of what it had become — a glorified laundry room.

Clearly, I’m still fine tuning this space. I’d love night stands with drawers, a bench at the end of the bed and I even imagine a small writing desk in here somewhere. But I am really already enjoying this space.


I decided quiet purposefully to make this a monochromatic room. I love pops of color but nothing I tried seemed right. It was jarring and not at all in the quiet, restful vein I was reaching for. So I stuck with variations of gray as my base. If I want to add color at any point, it will be easy.masterrevamp11

I hung curtains not too long ago and I love the pattern. They really make the room feel finished. I can’t say enough about curtains. Hang them!


We have two dressers in our bedroom that hold our trays with all our perfumes, cologne and jewelry. I’m no pro at styling surfaces — but we actually live in our bedroom so I didn’t want to add any thing that’s unnecessary or that will be in the way.




I also tried to add in a few plants. They make me happy. I relocated our little lemon plant from the living room until I can find another one I like.


I shared our small sitting area on the other side of the room last week but ultimately I envision a small writing desk here if I could ever find the right piece.


I added the sparkly pillow — which I LOVE — to the chair. I just love the glam.


I also added a huge mirror opposite the window. It reflects so much light and makes the room feel even larger. I love the drama of a huge mirror.


Next to the bathroom we have a small cabinet that holds our towels and also has a hamper at the bottom. I love being able to hide the jumble of dirty clothes behind a door. And even though the one linen closet in the house is just a short walk down the hall — I love having our linens right in the room.


I used the top of the cabinet as an opportunity for a little more gray and a pop of blue.


And that’s it. For now, I’m loving the direction. I’ll continue to add until it’s just right. Normally I avoid the bedroom unless I’m sleeping — but I’ve been drawn to the space now that it functions way better than before. It’s become a bright, relaxing space. Exactly what I was after.

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Doing It Myself: Weekend DIY

Happy Friday! This week has flown by in a blur and I’m super excited that it’s the weekend!

I usually try to make the most of my weekends and bust out a few DIY’s to beautify the rental.

Here’s some DIY’s I’m putting in the works:

DIY Coffee Filter Peonies.


These coffee filter peonies are gorgeous. My windowless bathroom needs these in it’s life.

Home decor on a budget!  Tin can.. Pearls.. Hot glue gun  Tre chic!


I just love how a tin can becomes glam with a string of pearls. This has a romantical {I often make up words that I think should be in the dictionary} feel and I’m eyeing this easy DIY for the boudoir.

How to make your own pillows using only fabric glue! A great (and affordable!) no-sew alternative to buying expensive pillows!


I’ve been wanting some new pillows for the couch for some time. I must admit that my mom did attempt to teach me to sew but it didn’t stick. Neither did the gardening lessons. So glue is right up my alley.

What are you DIYing this weekend?

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Doing It Myself: Dresser to TV Console

Last month, I asked you guys what color would best tame the purple chairs that were taking over our living room.

The overwhelming vote was for Urbane Bronze (the color on the left). When I got a sample and tried it out, it was really blah. I didn’t like it.


So I went back to the drawing board and ended up with Pantone Timberwolf, which is a taupe gray with really warm undertones.

Not only am I in love with the color, but the dresser as the TV console fits the space perfectly. There are six very well appointed drawers that provide more than enough space for all our unsightly clutter. And there is a ton of that.

I used a chalk paint recipe that I found on Pinterest. Chalk paint isn’t just for achieving that shabby chic finish.

I love the use of a dresser rather than a TV stand. The height is perfect. The storage is unmatched. And the room feels much more finished with a more substantial piece of furniture in that area.

I was watching Steven and Chris. I love those guys!

So how did I do with the revamp on this free, hand me down dresser? Did I choose the right color to compliment the chairs? What do you think?

Take a look at some of my other DIY projects:

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Forever Home Dreaming|The Lady Cave

Every now and then, I let my mind wander to our forever home.

How I’ll decorate, the new furniture I’ll buy, what rooms are an absolute necessity.

At the top of my list is a lady cave. Which is the opposite of a man cave. It will be my grown-up playroom. Where I go to relax, work and just be in my own space.

I’ve even dedicated a whole board to it on Pinterest. I’ve pinned quite a few images that have me itching for our forever home.

Society Social’s Newest Arrivals | Rue|via|

"20 Weekend Projects Under $20"

|via BHG|

Home Tour with Devon Dyer of DevonRachel.com / Photographed by Jessie Webster for Glitter Guide


light romantic home office

|via pinterest|


|via pinterest|

Spearmint Decor found this gold Chinese garden stool to add some zing to her living space!


An over-sized, globally inspired element like this Moroccan pierced ginger jar from HomeGoods is a surprising addition to this coffee table. Contributing designers may receive compensation.

|via pinterest|

window treatments


All my inspiration pictures are super girly and filled with pink and gold. I can’t wait to decorate a room just for me!

Have you ever thought about a lady cave? What would you do in your very own space?

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Doing It Myself: Painted TV Table


Confession: When we were first married, this little TV tray was our dining room table.

An Ikea oldie but goodie.

Maybe it was for that reason that I have kept it all these years.

For the past year, it’s sat in our bedroom reading nook, covered with a table cloth, relegated to holding the newest best sellers.

But in a flurry of creative energy, I decided that this little table had been neglected for far to long and it absolutely needed to be painted. Immediately.

While trying to figure out what color to redo our dresser, I picked up a sample of Valspar’s Mountain Smoke.

It didn’t end up working for the dresser, but it was perfect for my little table.


And because I’m really trying to work as much gold in as my husband will allow, I taped off the bottom and painted the feet gold.


I added another bit of gold to the side as well.


We’ve been side table-less for quite awhile. So this table was a much welcomed addition. And added a nice place for our new lamp to sit.


And I know it’s totally weird to have a sentimental attachment to a TV tray table, but we ate the first meal I ever cooked at this table. It may just become a family heirloom.

Do you hold on to furniture for sentimental reasons? 

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Doing It Myself: The Crate Debate


I debated long and hard about these crates.

To stain or not to stain.

Paint. What color?

Should I add casters or upholster it.  Should I add a decal, cute numbers, our last name.


Crate from Michael’s $8 with coupon

In the end, I stayed true to myself. My aesthetic is pretty plain. I like things that I won’t tire of quickly. I like things symmetric and if something was off, it would drive me crazy.


So I painted my crates gray. A nice shade that doesn’t compete with anything else in the room. They serve their function, to hold pillows and blankets.


2 different colors of gray, mixed

Maybe at a later date (playroom makeover???), I can do something fun with crates. But for now, I’m totally satisfied with my simply painted crates that live on the bottom of my shelf.


With so much placed upon creativity and being different, I wanted to make sure to stay in my lane. Life and making our place feel like home isn’t a competition. I don’t need to put something in our home that I don’t love just for the sake of creating something new, trendy and exciting that the world will praise.


I thought about my family’s needs and what I wanted to look at every day. It may not be the most interesting project but it’s one that I’m proud to have done.


How do you handle staying true to your style? Have you ever made anything you didn’t truly love just because it was trendy?