H&M Strikes Gold

Sometimes I find things that are just too good. Like make me shiver good. Such as all this gold deliciousness from H&M.

H&M Gold

I’m literally fawning over that gold metallic pillow and that basket. I’m not usually all gold everything — but today — I want it all!
I also happen to love that everything is so cheap! My favorite thing about decorating is the accessorizing. That’s the fun part — and with prices like this I can accessorize my little heart out!

Snapshots of Home

There always seems to be a mountain of work to do at home.


Laundry, bathrooms to clean, episodes of Scandal to watch, floors to vacuum, socks to mate, hair to comb, clutter to toss, bills to pay, lost Barbie shoes to find, coat closets to organize, broken toys to fix, breakfast/lunch/dinner to cook, dishes to wash, shirts to press, toilets to scrub, parks to visit, beds to make and this list goes on.

The actual never ending story.


All of it can take away from those precious quiet moments.


Those times when the house is tidy. Everything is in it’s place and I can sit back and enjoy it for the 10 minutes that it will stay that way.


Those times when a hot cup of coffee can make any problem disappear.


Those times when a pile full of pillows can brighten my day.


Or those times when the sun shines through the window just right.

Those times when nothing else matters but the here and now. One of my goals this year was to slow down and enjoy the now instead of focusing on the next thing to do.

How do you connect with the now? 

And as always

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6 Low Cost Ways to Decorate Your Rental

6 Tips to decorate a rental

The hardest part about living in a rental home is that you can’t just do whatever you want. Most landlords want to keep their properties neutral for mass appeal — so there are sometimes restrictions on how much you can change the structure of a rental.

Having been living in rentals for the past 10 years while we prepare for our forever home, I’ve learned a few tricks to make a rental feel less cold and stark and more like a place where you can kick off your shoes and enjoy a cup of coffee.

  1. Removable wall paper has got to be the best thing for renters since sliced bread — well you know what I mean. It’s a super easy way to inject color, personality and warmth without making a permanent change. And it will peel off leaving no damage behind.
  2. Throw pillows are the easiest way to add color in texture to a room in an low cost way. Change the pillows with the seasons or whenever the mood strikes.
  3. I’m a total sucker for a good accessory. I always say that it’s the little things that make a home. That gilded vase or that quirky animal head hanging on the wall shows who you are. Nothing makes home feel like home more than a bunch of stuff that you love. And unlike huge investment pieces — like a couch or dining table — these little accessories are affordable enough to be changed on a whim.
  4. I love a good pouf. They are just so darn interesting. There also happens to be about a million different styles so you can find one that fits into your decor. Try a pouf instead of a coffee table — especially if you’re low on space. And bonus — it can double as an ottoman and extra seating.
  5. Mirrors are pretty awesome. Not only do you get to look at yourself in them — but they bounce around light like nobody’s business. Hang or lean a mirror across from a window and watch as you magically double the light in the room.
  6. Plants are so underrated. I know a lot of people avoid them because they’re afraid that they will kill them off. If you are afraid of your black thumb — choose sturdy plants that are hard to kill. Or — gasp — try a faux plant. They actually have fabulous fake plants and trees that look amazingly real.

Don’t feel limited by your rental so much that you settle for a blah beige box. I can’t wait to be able to paint kitchen cabinets and knock down walls in my forever home — but knowing that there are things I can do RIGHT NOW to make this place feel like home makes waiting a little easier.

Do you have any tips on decorating a rental? Do share!

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33 Ways to Decorate a Rental — On a Budget!


There have been times when I wanted to wait until the perfect time to start — or finish — decorating a room. Perfect time meaning living in my dream house AND tons of money to spend on what I want. Unfortunately I haven’t stumbled upon the perfect time OR that pile of money. So I just jumped right in and started decorating our rental using things we already had, a little creativity, and DIY-ing everything from art to tea towels. Part of making my home beautiful, purposeful and functional is being conscious of the fact that we rent.

Not everyone can knock down or paint walls.

So this is for you. 33 ideas to decorate your rental — on a budget.

Let’s get right to it.

1. Removable fabric wallpaper is pretty ingenious. And the options are endless – via The Pretty Life Anonymous

Why didn\'t I know this during all these years of renting Hang a curtain rod, on command strip hooks. MIND. BLOWN.

2. Hang a curtain rod with a command hook. Super easy and no holes! via Just Imagine

3. A great idea to fill up those giant blank walls — use wooden dowels and wallpaper to make wall hangings. via NinjaDiva

entry tape, great idea if you're living in an apartment and can't paint the walls.

4. Use washi (or duct!) tape to add interest to a boring wall. Try diamonds, diagonals or stripes. via “>photobucket – jkomenda 

Get any old plates at a thrift store, spray paint them in a rainbow of colors, and hang them with invisible hangers! You've made a rainbow inside your home! by marian

5. A good way to make an impact is using plates. I love these spray painted plates! Do all one color or taste the rainbow! via Indulgy

great idea for apartment rental doors. Habitually Chic®

6. Use inexpensive electrical tape to mimic arcitectural details on a plain door. via Habitually Chic

Ribbon and thumbtacks to decorate the wall...interesting idea.

7. Tape just not your thing? Try ribbon and thumbtacks for a feature wall. via Remodelaholic


8. Use a dresser as a media console. Not only can you customize the color — but you get a ton of storage. via Home for Now

Great storage idea for no pantry

9. No pantry? Get creative and use a bookshelf to store your goods. via Pinterest

10. Don’t want to invest a ton in a rug that may or may not fit your next home? Make your own floor covering using a tablecloth! — via Design Share

Noncommittal Bed Decor - The Bilk Decal Headboards

11. No headboard, no problem. Try these vinyl headboards that come off as easy as they go on. — via Trend Hunter

Love this thifty makeover for a scratched and dinged dishwasher. Saving 4 Six has the tutorial on how to apply beadboard to disguise an ugly front panel.

12. Looking for a way to disguise that ugly appliance? Try adding bead board. Use double sided carpet tape or velcro command strips — via Savings 4 Six

Great idea for dressing up a rental kitchen. Especially one that's looking on the vintage side...

13. A hung collection acts as an arrow and draws any attention away from the not so perfect details of your space — via Pinterest


14. Can’t get rid of those hideous vertical blinds? Use the track and add custom curtains — via berni and i

DIY Arched Bookshelves using $50 IKEA bookcases and MDF board. Love the dark background, especially if you cannot paint rental walls.

15. If you can’t paint your rental walls, try this DIY Arched Bookshelves using $50 IKEA bookcases and MDF board. Paint the back of the bookcase for a pop of color to your room — via Little Green Notebook

Love this! Take off those ugly cabinet doors! Just be sure to stash them somewhere that they won't get damaged until you have to move out. Check out the art on the backsplash! ~P

16. Take the doors off of the kitchen cabinets for a more open look. Also check out the framed prints as a back splash — via urbanedgeny

This faux log fireplace facade allows you to easily remove and replace the logs in a few seconds! Can you guess the trick?</p> <p> Source: Pepper Design Blog</p> <p>

Got an empty or non-working fireplace? Try a faux log insert. It’s cheap and super chic –via Pepper Design Blog

Painters tape, then double stick tape to hang posters and such without peeling paint off walls or putting thumbtack holes in walls. SUCH a clever idea!

17. Want to hang something without leaving any holes? Try using painters tape, then double stick paint to hang light weight posters and such without risking peeling paint — via Picnics Under the Moon

Hang a piece of fun fabric from the bottom of my shelf to behind the washer and dryer to cover up the outlets. Fun, pop of modern- check, hide ugly outlets- check. Genius!

18. Sometimes ugly laundry rooms can’t be helped, but try hanging a piece of fabric behind the washer and dryer to hide ugly outlets. Genius! — via Go Haus Go


19. Wallpaper can be quite the investment. Maybe more than you’d want to spend in a rental. So try wrapping paper and double sided tape! — via A Thoughtful Place

20. I melted from excitement with this one. Painted contact paper wall stripes. Temporary and MAGNIFICENT! — via City Farmhouse

Add decorative paper to the inside of a medicine cabinet. Love this idea!

21.Make over a blah medicine cabinet with a little decorative paper and creative repurposed storage containers — via BHG

Do you remember IKEA's colorful kitchen backsplashes from a few seasons ago? What looked at the time to be elaborate tile or mosaic patterns was actually just IKEA fabric hung behind plexiglass! Since then this idea has popped up around the internet as one DIY backsplash solution for rental kitchens.

22. Try a beautiful piece of fabric underneath a sheet of plexiglass for a gorgeous and temporary backsplash — via “>Apartment Therapy

23. This simple DIY oversized art is a great way to fill a large wall — via the handmade home

DIY framing

24. Make some amazing (and temporary) frames with washi tape to add some personality — via The House That Lars Built

Keep her favorite accessories within reach.

25. This is a great space saving solution that is also pretty stylish — via A Bulls Eye View

DIY: Turn rubber doormats into a beautiful headboard. Great for any bedroom in the house! From Kara Paslay Designs.

26. Sometimes a great low cost headboard is actually two rubber mats — via flikr/karapaslay

Hang kitchen baskets on a mounted wall trellis and fill with plants for an indoor vertical garden.

27. Sometimes rentals lack outside space. This is a perfect solution to plant those herbs inside — via A Bulls Eye View

the little things: floor to ceiling photo wall.. aka 'how to hide all of those switches and things'

28. Got a wall full of switches, thermostats and other eyesores? A floor to ceiling photo wall is the answer — via unknown source

No-sew faux roman shade. This is a simple and clever method. Perfect for our rental because it requires no drilling or making holes on the wall.

29. Window treatments can get pricey. That’s why this DIY faux roman shade is a winner — via Southern in the City

Fun DIY idea!

30. Boring walls plauge rentals everywhere. Try this easy washi tape deacal wall idea — via Maiko Nagao

love the color!

31. Got an old hand me down table waiting for new life? Paint it a bold color to inject some life into your space — via Impatiently Praying for Patience

Use picture frames and polished drawer knobs to hang light items that you use often.

32. Use picture frames and drawer knobs to hang light weight items that you use often — via A Bullseye View

How to Create a Temporary DIY Triangle Accent Wall for Less than $3! {UpcycledTreasures.com}

33. Another idea for those boring walls. DIY gold triangle accent wall — via Upcycled Treasures

So what do you think? Would you try any of these ideas? Got some ideas of your own? Let me hear them!

Looking for more rental decorating inspiration?

Check out my Rental Decorating Pinterest Board

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The Art of Oversized Art


Sunday is the day we drive around and look at beautiful model homes. Getting a feel for what neighborhood we want to live in and also getting decor inspiration.

Honestly, model homes are my favorite place to get ideas on how to decorate. I learn so many lessons on decorating from scale to how to create beautiful vignettes.oversizedart

On this trip the thing I noticed the most was the use of over-sized art.

It filled the walls wonderfully and drew the eye upward.oversizedart2

I have been guilty of hanging one measly frame on a wall. And it looks so lonely floating there alone. Grouping medium sized pieces in twos or threes also is a good trick to fill the walls as well.


The impact is amazing. If your walls feel a little sparse, try this trick.

And does anyone else roam model homes in their free time? 

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Fill it with Meaning

One of the things that makes home home is what it means. Those items that hold special significance and spark laughter, smiles and moments of reminiscing.

One of my favorite necklaces peeking out of my jewelry box

Like this jewelry box my husband gave me for our anniversary. It has the sweetest poem written by him on the bottom.


Or these pretty little delicate bowls I found while thrifting. They sit on my bedside table and hold my ring and earrings.

And not only items — but pictures. Memories of a moment, friends or places. And pictures that the kids have drawn.

board makeover5

When you make a home you fill it with things that have meaning to you and your family. So when you walk through your door — this place is yours. No matter if it’s temporary or if you plan to live there forever.

Fill your home with meaning. 

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Defining Home


When I think of home I think of a place where there’s love overflowing.

I think of curling up on the couch watching millions of episodes of Strawberry Shortcake and little faces in girly costumes putting on plays. I think of the holidays spent cooking in the kitchen — then gathered around the table eating. I think of countless hours spent huddled around the kitchen table doing homework and the bedtime stories we read before tucking the girls into bed. I think of that glass of wine shared with my husband once the house has gone quiet.

It took me awhile to figure out my definition of home. I wanted it to feel a certain way but I wasn’t sure where to start with decorating it so that it evoked that warmth I was after. 

And for me the beginning of decorating my home came in defining what home is.

Is it cozy?

Is it a retreat?

Is it a space where you can shut out the world and just be?

Defining home is such a purpose filled act.

For me — home is where I want to be able to come in, take a deep breath, shed the layers and relax. I want a home where everything has its place. Where we can kick off our shoes and nothing is off limits. Every inch is utilized and functions for us in someway.

So how do you define home? Have you ever stopped to think how you can purposefully create the home you want by taking the time to define what you want your home to be? 

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How to Redecorate with No Money


I know a lot of what stopped me from decorating our house in the past was the fact that a decorating budget just did not exist. I remember when we moved to Florida (from Philadelphia where I did zero decorating) my mom gave me a set of four frames. I was so excited that I immediately put some family pictures in them and hung them on the wall.

And honestly — that’s where I got bit by the decorating bug. I had always loved making things pretty — but I thought it took a ton of cash to get the look I wanted. But those free frames started the wheels turning in my head. I looked around for other free things that I could make into something beautiful.

Over the years — I’ve figured out ways to decorate our home with little to no money. Trust me it’s very possible.

1. Swap furniture, pillows and accessories


A really simple way to change things up is to swap out furniture. I do this all the time. I move bookshelves and tables and chairs because what works today may not work tomorrow. Or you decide to use a space a different way. Currently, I’m using an old TV stand as a side table and it’s working magnificently. Look for things that can be used in a different area in your home — sometimes for a purpose it wasn’t originally meant to serve.

2. Paint Something


We’ve always lived in rentals so painting hasn’t always been an option. When I can’t paint walls — I usually find a piece of furniture to paint. Whether it’s a neutral color or something brighter — painting mismatched furniture allows for harmony even if you start with a rag tag team of furniture. Also — paint allows you to inject your personality through color.

3. Trade

My friends sometimes out grow their furniture and accessories. And so do I. That’s when a trade can happen. It’s a free way to get new things that you can transform to fit your decor — if it doesn’t already work in your home.

4. Get Creative and Repurpose


Sometimes you’ve got to use what you have in unexpected ways. I turned this watch box into a decorative container. Or even using the box our sheets came into as a storage container for the top of our cabinet. Start to look at things differently and items will become second nature. I have to remind myself not to hoard because I usually can think of a way to repurpose anything.

I’m grateful to my mom for those four old picture frames because it really created a passion in me to search for ways to make home home without spending a ton of money.

Do you have any low/no cost decorating ideas? 

And as always

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DIY Rosette Pillow


Sometimes you don’t need to go out and buy something new to spruce up a room or a chair. Sometimes all you have to do is look at what you already have and figure out a way to make it into what you want it to be.

That’s the story of this pillow. Sadly I don’t have any before pictures because I wasn’t sure it it was actually going to work.

But surprise.


It did.

I followed this tutorial for this pillow. I used an old sheet — which happened to be the exact color I wanted.

It took a a few hours to twist and glue all the strips of fabric to the pillow but it was worth it. I love all the texture it adds.


I’ve been on a mission to use what I already have before I go and spend money on something new. It really makes me appreciate what’s already in my house when I can use things in a different way. This method also tends to be very budget friendly.

And as always

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