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September Four



Decorating is an ever evolving thing for me. I’m finally figuring out my style and understanding how to incorporate it into my home in a way that’s cozy, comfortable and beautiful. Little by little, each room is getting some love. It’s taking a lot of elbow grease to turn old into new and trashed finds into treasure.


This is the heart of our home. We spend the majority of our time here, watching movies, playing games and spending family time. It was important me to decorate this space first. It’s still in progress but it’s shaping up nicely.

House Tour 1



House Tour 3

Dresser to TV Console | Growing Lemon Seeds | Gray and Gold Table Makeover | How Not to Kill an Orchid| Bleached Pine Cones | Turn Wine Bottles into Pottery |

Right now, our space is still evolving. New things are happening every day.


bedroom makeover 1

bedroom makeover 2bedroom makeover 6 bedroom makeover 5 bedroom makeover 3

25 thoughts on “See My House

  1. You have the cutest colored living room! I also love the silver pillows in the bedroom!

    P.S. Thank you for liking my blog post! I really appreciate it as a new blogger!

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