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September Four


My little family and I have lived in 5 different cities in 7 years. Crazy, huh? Hailing from Virginia Beach originally and traversing the East/Gulf Coast from Houston, Texas, North Carolina, Philadelphia, PA, Tampa, FL and back down to Houston, TX. Moving so many times has made me a expert, so to speak, on packing, unpacking and making the temporary feel like home. With 3 little girls, creating a home has become a passion, no matter what city we happen to be in. Join me as I decorate and make this little rental our home for now.

Wondering where to start?

diyrecipesheader seemyhouse

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33 thoughts on “About

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  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am so glad you did because I just fell in love with yours! You have such a beautiful family and thank you for sharing all of your design tips and inspirations!

  3. Love this concept! Thanks for the “like” by the way as it brought me here. Having done a lot of moving myself, I know how it feels to make a home over and over (plus the challenges of doing it with a rental). Looking forward to reading about all your design ideas!

  4. I noticed you visited my brand new blog and I just had to come take a peek. You rock! I love what you do on a limited budget, my kind of decorating. I look forward to more of your thrifty decorating ideas.

  5. What a fabulous idea for a blog! It is challenging as a renter as many of these home decor/lifestyle sties are often geared towards those who own. I’m looking forward to following!

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