How to Decorate a Room


For the past few days I’ve been talking about how to turn your inspiration into a real life room. Using Pinterest is one thing, but actually utilizing it as a tool is another thing. Today I’m giving you a few pointers on how to decorate your room by starting with your inspiration.

Take note of what you have to work with. If it’s a piece of furniture, make that your starting point. If it’s a wall color that you are unable to change – start there.

Search for inspiration. Use photos that incorporate your item, color, layout, etc. Make a board and pin until you feel like you have a good reference point.

Pull out one inspiration photo. Let it be something specific that you can build upon. Whether a color palette, a unique DIY or piece of furniture.

DSCF3483Begin to incorporate colors and items relating directly to your inspiration. Be literal here. If this photo were your inspiration, you could paint your walls white or hang crisp white curtains. Add in pops of copper via a lamp or hardware.

Remember that you are building your room piece by piece. It will take time but once you have a clear destination, it will become easier to put the pieces together.


And the best tip I could ever give is not to rush it. Your room coming together over time will look much more organic and collected. When you have time to give thought to your design — your home will feel like…well…home.

Do you have any tried and true tips on how to decorate a room? Where do you start?


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