How to Turn Inspiration into Real Life Part ll & 3 Easy Tips

living room before and after

Yesterday, I talked about the state of my living room before I started decorating and making it my own.


I had two giant purple chairs, mismatched side tables and cheap Ikea furniture. At the time — I couldn’t go out and buy all new everything. I had to get creative and make my stuff work for me.

It all started with inspiration. I lived on Pinterest and pinned every home décor image that referenced the color of my chairs. I knew that – at the time – replacing the chairs wasn’t an option – so I had to make them work.

The first image I found was this:

Purple Interior Decorating Collection Living Room Accents


I loved how the teal, navy and chartreuse worked with the deep purple. And it was just a colorful room that all somehow works! I was in love.


TIP 1 – Live with it

After adding the color teal in through art that I DIY’d. I lived with it a little bit and I realized that it didn’t work. I hated it. Utterly hated the way the teal (turquoise?) worked with the purple. My poor, confused husband never said a word — though I did ask his opinion plenty of times.

You’d think maybe I’d be deterred — but I wasn’t ready to give up. I knew perfection wasn’t achieved overnight so I kept looking.

TIP 2 – Keep looking

The next picture I found was one of a pillow that had all the color notes I was going for.

Decorative Pillow: plum,  green, purple, and taupe

I loved the colorway of this pillow and the pillow itself, so I thought I’d try to recreate it as an art piece to tie all the colors together. Art is the easiest way to bring in colors and unify a room.

Next I took an old dresser and gave it a fresh coat of paint. These few changes began to transform the room in a major way.


TIP 3 – Add in metallic for a luxe, pulled together look

If you remember those four canvases that I painted to match the chairs – I did a quick DIY to make them fit into the new scheme. Not only did I weave in the new gray color, but I sprinkled the deep purple throughout the room to bring it all together.

beforegold leaf before


So the moral of the story is — if you make a wrong decision, don’t give up! You never know if it will work until you try it. And live with it!

As much as I’d love to have new furniture, I was thrilled to have spent a minimal amount of money to change the whole look and feel of the living room.

Tomorrow I’m going to break down my easy formula for decorating a room. I use the approach to every room I decorate or refresh now!


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