How to Turn Inspiration into Real Life – Part 1


Nobody starts out with the perfect home.

Decorating a home to your personal style takes time. And the longer it takes to collect and curate the things you love — the more you will enjoy your space.

Sure — you could go out and buy a set of furniture — pillows and art included — but it will say nothing about who you are. The personality is NOT included.

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to start you on the right path to creating a home you will fall in love with every time you walk in the door.



We bought our furniture years ago. Before the kids. Before we even had one year of marriage under our belts.

I remember standing in the furniture store, 22 years old, picking out stuff for my house. It was up to me. I couldn’t believe I was going to get to choose it all. This was back when I thought going to the grocery store was still fun.

Being young and never having even cracked a decor magazine before — I chose two overstuffed — very purple — arm chairs and a neutral couch. I was proud of myself too. Here I was decorating like a boss.

As much as I loved those purple chairs — I could never fully figure out how to make them work for me.

At one point I had the chairs color matched and I painted four canvases to bring the color elsewhere in the room.

It would have been easier to just get rid of the purple chairs and buy something else but between having 3 babies and moving 4 times — I had neither the time, money nor the energy.

Once my youngest daughter was 2 years old, I finally had the strength and courage to tackle decorating with the purple chairs.

I took note of everything I had to work with. The chairs, the mismatched tables, the cheap Ikea TV stand and lamps. It looked like a hodgepodge of things — but I knew I could make it all work.

Come back tomorrow and find out how I used inspiration pictures to help me make my purple chairs and all my random furniture make sense!


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