Gold Mannequin Jewelry Stand


I posted a photo of this guy on Instagram a while ago but I’m just now getting around to writing about him. You know how it goes. Work, kids, life.

Motherhood has taught me a lot of things in the past 9 plus years that I have been mothering children.

Make sure you always have a wet wipe available. Be sure to map out the quickest way to a restroom anywhere you go. And always have a snack and a change of clothes ready.

But really — the most important is to not take myself so seriously.


It’s a good lesson. See, I’ve even been able to incorporate it into how I decorate our home. I’m 100% guilty of fussing over pillows and meticulously arranging (and rearranging) furniture and accessories.


But a few weeks ago, I came across something that made me smile at the thought of it.

I found this little guy at Tuesday Morning and I knew he would look fantastic gold with jewels dripping from around his neck. (He started out a pale, flesh color)

My husband didn’t get it, but I knew I needed to have fun with decorating for once.

I decided to take the very serious part of my personality and push her to the side for a minute.


And I’m happy I did. The result was a big belly laugh from my girls when they saw my new jewelry holder. They all want one in various colors now.


For me, the lesson is simple.

Sometimes you have to put aside the serious face and smile a little. This guy makes me grin. And he’s doing a pretty good job of holding my necklaces too.



Plastic mannequin

Rustoleum Gold spray paint

Are you a serious decorator or do you have fun with it?

And as always

stay connected



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