7 Organizing Tips to Try in Your Rental



The thing I hate most about renting is the fact that storage can be lacking. Over the years, adding three kids to the mix, our stuff has tripled in size. So staying organized is probably my top priority. Along the way I’ve found a few things that work to keep the chaos to a minimum.


1. Use dressers as furniture

This is probably my favorite tip of all time. When space is limited — a dresser can literally double or triple your storage instantly. We use one in our kitchen to house the overflow of dishes and plastic containers. It also holds all of our girl’s school stuff. The dresser we turned into our TV console changed my life. No exaggeration. It hides all the TV gear, DVDs and a ton of games.

2. Ditch the junk drawer

I have to admit that having a junk drawer is pretty tempting — but do you honestly need the junk? Organize and find a home for the junk or get rid of it. That drawer is prime real estate that could be used way more wisely than for junk.

3. Grab a storage cabinet

Make the most of closet space or a long empty wall with a storage cabinet. I have several and I use them for all sorts of things — toys, shoes, office supplies and for linens. They make some pretty ones so it’s fairly easy to find one that meets your needs.


4. Use baskets

The easiest way to corral a bunch of stuff and make it look neat and tidy is to throw it in a basket. And a trick that I use to make it look less cluttery is to add a throw blanket over the top of the stuff.


5. Double Duty Decor

Storage doesn’t have to be hideous or elaborate. When I think of storage — I think of walls of shelving with doors or large plastic bins full of forgotten relics. But storage doesn’t have to be either of those. Think fabric boxes, jars, beautiful baskets, and even trays can be used to store things that don’t have a home.


6. Throw away old stuff

If it doesn’t matter — get rid of it. I have to keep this mantra in mind because it’s easy to get weighed down by a bunch of stuff that is just — stuff. Sometimes it’s hard to let things go — but just imagine how much lighter you and your home will feel when it’s gone. And having a pretty golden trashcan only helps the matter.


7. A place for everything

This has been the hardest thing for me — especially having 3 kids with a ton of stuff. Assign all your stuff a place to live. It cuts down on the chaos of looking for things because you know where to find it. And of course the biggest rule for this is to put things back where they belong.


I actually think organizing may be the bane of my existence since it’s one of those never ending tasks — like laundry — that are never done. But these tips really help to keep the chaos at bay.

What tips or tricks do you use to keep your home organized? 

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2 thoughts on “7 Organizing Tips to Try in Your Rental

  1. Every so often I try (I honestly do) but I can’t ever seem to down my junk drawers. It always turns into a trip down memory lane and almost everything replaced in the drawers:( But these are great tips tho 🙂

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