It’s the Details That Matter


I read this quote last week and it stuck with me. Mostly because I always focus on the details. And I often stop and ask myself if having fresh flowers on the bedside table really matter or if the pictures I choose to hang on the walls matter.

The answer is yes.


I get paralyzed sometimes by the big picture. By knowing that my list is soooo long. But when I break it down to the small details and work my way out — it somehow gets easier for me.


So in the scheme of things — whether my pillows match my quilt isn’t that big of a deal — but they make me smile and make walking into my bedroom a joy.

I started getting my home ready for spring. Adding lighter colors and switching out pillows. These details make me happy.entrytable

Life is beautiful. Not just because of pretty things or a nicely laid out room. But because of the things that matter the most.


Today — I’m cherishing listening to loud giggles and committing their glee to my memory.

What details are you living for today?


5 thoughts on “It’s the Details That Matter

  1. This morning’s details are: fresh bread from the oven, the sound of my dishwasher chugging away, and my cluttered by cozy little laptop desk where all the magic happens. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to look closer!

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