Snapshots of Home

There always seems to be a mountain of work to do at home.


Laundry, bathrooms to clean, episodes of Scandal to watch, floors to vacuum, socks to mate, hair to comb, clutter to toss, bills to pay, lost Barbie shoes to find, coat closets to organize, broken toys to fix, breakfast/lunch/dinner to cook, dishes to wash, shirts to press, toilets to scrub, parks to visit, beds to make and this list goes on.

The actual never ending story.


All of it can take away from those precious quiet moments.


Those times when the house is tidy. Everything is in it’s place and I can sit back and enjoy it for the 10 minutes that it will stay that way.


Those times when a hot cup of coffee can make any problem disappear.


Those times when a pile full of pillows can brighten my day.


Or those times when the sun shines through the window just right.

Those times when nothing else matters but the here and now. One of my goals this year was to slow down and enjoy the now instead of focusing on the next thing to do.

How do you connect with the now? 

And as always

stay connected



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