DIY Gold Quarterfoil Art


I did this art months ago, but if you know anything about me, you’d know that I live with stuff for awhile to decide if I love it or hate it.


I’ve been actively trying to add more white and gold to our living spaces to brighten it up. And anyway — gold makes everything better.


I started with a canvas that I previously painted — that’s why there’s a square texture going on.

A quick coat of gold spray paint made the perfect background for what I had in mind. I also used a quarterfoil stencil and chalk.


When I was a kid I loooved to draw and paint. Those were the good old days before I realized I was no good at it and stopped anything artistic all together.

So getting a paintbrush in my hands again felt real good.


I outlined my shape with chalk and went over it with white paint.

It look a few coats to completely cover the gold, but the payoff was pretty great.


I painted the edges of the canvas and it creates a really beautiful detail.



It adds just the right hint of gold shimmer and the white definitely brightens up the dark bookshelf that it now lives on.

I’m smitten with this easy DIY. My husband even loved it! #win

And as always

stay connected



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