17 Days In

It’s funny how days turn into weeks.

We are already over halfway through January. Wow.

I remember when I was a kid and my mom would tell me that when I grew up, time would zoom past. She wasn’t lying.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been up to in no particular order:


This is seriously one of those books that changed my life. I cringe when I hear the world lazy but I’ve been super lazy when it comes to pursuing my dreams. This book is definitely the kick in the pants/motivation I needed to get my mind focused.


Speaking of dreams — my etsy shop is something I really want to focus on in 2015. But the release of it was rushed and I wasn’t 100% ready. I gave myself a goal and stuck with it, even though I wasn’t feeling good about everything. It’s going to go through a major identity change in the coming weeks.


Clearly, I stink at painting my own nails. But look! I did it. If you know one thing about me is that I own a bajillion bottles of nail polish and paint my nails 2-3 times a year. I found this seriously gorgeous gold and copper nail polish by Essie. It’s so pretty, I’ve kept my nails painted for 3 weeks straight. #gome


I’m trying a few new techniques out on the pears. If there’s one thing I love — it’s creating. Making stuff makes me happy. I plan to do more of that this year.


And lots and lots of good family time. My girls have been a joy these past few weeks. Don’t get me wrong — there have been some heavy sighs, attitudes from my threenager and some weepy moments, but they’re growing up so fast that I’m determined to soak up every moment of it. Good or bad.

That’s been my last 17 days of January in a nutshell. Reading, pears, nails and family. #goodtimes

What’s going on with you 17 days in? 


6 thoughts on “17 Days In

  1. The days really due turn quickly. I too did not believe my mother when she told me the time would fly by as an adult, but man does it ever. I am actually coping quite well, so far, however the reality that February is on our doorstep is crazy!

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