Because Beautiful Does Matter


My Etsy shop is open for business!

This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time but never had the courage to do. A few weeks ago I made up my mind to go for it. To open an Etsy shop and try to make a dream come true.


I read a quote today on Facebook:

A head full of fears has no space for dreams…

And all of a sudden it was so clear to me that I had let fear get in the way of going after what I love to do. I love to create and make things that are beautiful. No matter how small. It all matters to me.


To some they just look like pears. But to me they represent so much more. These pears are a step towards a goal that I made to myself a long time ago. These pears are a story for me to tell my daughters about dream, courage and hard work. These pears represent me embracing a side of me that I kept hidden from the world around me.


So they’re not just pears. They’re a dream coming to fruition. They’re a leap of faith. They’re a stepping stone to bigger and better.

They’re a statement: Because beautiful does matter. 

I hope you’ll come by my shop and see what it’s all about and share it with the world.

 Beautiful Matters Home Collection Etsy Shop.  


And as always

stay connected



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