Halloween on the Front Porch

I’m not a huge Halloween fan. I usually never decorate — but this year the girls convinced me to do a little something. wpid-img_20141020_180001.jpg wpid-img_20141021_094604.jpg

I threw up a wreath I used indoors for Christmas last year and added some spider web and a few spiders. Instant (and cheap) Halloween wreath. And once I remove the spiders and the web — it goes back in the Christmas bin.


Believe it or not — I severely neglected our yard in the last year. These beauties bloomed on their own from a pot of what I thought were dead flowers. I didn’t even provide water. Nature is amazing.


And I even carved a pumpkin for the first time. There’s some other decorations lurking around that I didn’t photograph but this is pretty much it.

So do you do the Halloween decorating thing? 

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4 thoughts on “Halloween on the Front Porch

  1. Clever way to not go too overboard on Halloween! I like that you can reuse the wreath for Christmas. I plopped an uncarved pumpkin on my outdoor table and called it fall decorating. Just give me the chocolate and licorice and call it a day 🙂

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  3. I just love how you folks (outside C’bean) decorate for everything! Like the different seasons etc. Here, (or perhaps its just me), we decorate for Xmas and the rest of the year is just that – blah. haha

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