The Purpose of Home


As much as I want my home to be beautiful and functional — I want the purpose that it serves my family to be what I focus on the most. I love pretty things, but if my girls can’t kick up their feet or have a race from the front door to the back door or have a Barbie party right on the living room floor — the prettiness means nothing. Their memories shouldn’t be that they couldn’t touch this or that but of how warm it felt to be home.

And when someone walks through my front door, I want them to know that it’s okay to get comfy in the chairs and have a drink or two.

My home is lived in. So when Pinterest tells me my home isn’t pretty enough or big enough or special enough — I have my three girls and my husband to remind me what the purpose of home really is.


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11 thoughts on “The Purpose of Home

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  2. Yes, I agree! Sometimes we can allow ourselves to feel like we can’t keep up or measure up to others, or there homes, etc. It’s so important we remember what is truly important, God and our family. Thank you for sharing this important message. Lisa @ Modern Hen Home

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