The Best Budget Friendly Home Decor Stores

Making my home beautiful is important to me. But my budget right now dictates how I shop for my home. I would love to shop at specialty boutique stores with one of a kind items — and I’m sure tons of other people would as well. But that’t just not my reality right now — so if you’re in the same boat as me, I’m sharing my favorite budget friendly home decor stores.


This one is an obvious choice. Target is a fabulous place to pick up a few home related items (and those diapers that are your list too). I love Target because their clearance is a beast. Keep your eyes open and you can usually find an awesome deal. My heart flutters a little when I see those orange stickers.

Tuesday Morning

I had never even been into a Tuesday Morning until we moved here and I got curious. When I finally walked through those doors I was seriously surprised at all the low priced decor items they had. They also have a pretty boss clearance section as well.

Garden Ridge — (Now called At Home)

This is my hands down FAVORITE place to go and get lost. The one near us is a massive warehouse and if I went down every single aisle I could probably spend a full day in there. They have awesome prices and if you can imagine it, they probably have it. They have everything from furniture to mirrors to rugs.

Hobby Lobby

I like Hobby Lobby because it’s a mix between a craft store and a home decor store. They have a really unique selection of items and they regularly have 50% of a certain kind of item (i.e., mirrors, drawer knobs, pillows, etc.).


This is one I love when I’m in the mood to shop online. I could venture to the mall with a 3 year-old. But that would be crazy. They have a ton of really trendy home decor and the price is right.


And of course this list wouldn’t be complete with out Ikea. A long time ago I made the declaration that we couldn’t move anywhere that didn’t have an Ikea. And so far, everywhere we’ve lived has had an Ikea near by. What I love about Ikea besides the fabulously priced and stylish home decor, is the fact that I can LEAVE MY KIDS while I shop. #dreamcometrue

I know I’m leaving a ton of great stores off this list. What are some of your favorite home decor stores?

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