Living Room Before & After

I was looking through a few old folders on my computer and I came across this picture of our living room about a year after we moved into our current townhouse. I was pretty amazed at how different it looked in just a year.




2014 – current

I love how the dresser that we use as a media console (read all about that makeover here) totally grounds the space. It feels much larger than it did before, even though there is a bigger piece of furniture in the room.

The media console is my favorite thing because it adds a ton more storage which we need desperately. It functions so much better than that tiny TV stand we hand before.

Another reason the room didn’t work was because the colors I had decided on were all wrong. I’m not afraid to admit that I was lost for quite awhile when it came to pulling this room together.

The room transformed with just a few deliberate choices and this is how I did it:

  • Chose a color scheme that complimented the eggplant colored chairs
  •  Added the accent color in a few different accessories around the room
  • Glammed the room up with some gold accents

This room is my favorite in the house. Even though the chairs are quite a statement piece, they really make the space feel like it belongs to me.

What’s your formula for putting a room together? Any secret tips you care to share? 

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