Understand the Limitations and Find a Solution


The most important thing to me in making a home is being able to make it function.

But when you rent a home, it comes with limitations that you might now be able to fix. Like that wall blocking out all the beautiful sunlight. Or the teeny tiny pantry that holds two cans of soup.

Or for me — it’s storage. Or the lack thereof.

With three kids and their mounds of stuff, storage in the house is limited.

Our upstairs linen closet is in the hallway and is supposed to function for our two bathrooms upstairs. One of which is our master bathroom. First of all, I don’t like the idea of trekking all the way to the hallway to grab a towel. #firstworldproblems.

And secondly, it’s just not big enough to hold linens for our bed and bathroom and then all of the girls bed and bath things.

So my solution was pretty simple. I’d figure out a way to put our linens where we used them most. In our bedroom.

When we lived in Philly, we had no pantry — or linen closet. So we bought two of these Ikea storage units. They were sitting in the garage not being used when I realized that it was a perfect fit for the small wall right outside of the master bathroom.


Unfortunately, in the move, the shelves were displaced and it only had one shelf. How functional could that be?

It’s actually turned out to work quite nice. Our laundry basket fits perfectly beneath. Yay for no more piles of dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. And now I have more than enough room to fill it with towels and washcloths. Our extra sets of sheets sit on the very bottom of the shelf.

It’s not always possible to fix limitations of a rental, but there are things that can be done to make the space function to your needs.


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8 thoughts on “Understand the Limitations and Find a Solution

  1. I like the way you are always making things better and more comfortable for your family. You have something money can’t buy and that is the personality of a self-starting homemaker. I really admire you and see you as a very level-headed person who has her priorities in order.

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