The Art of Oversized Art


Sunday is the day we drive around and look at beautiful model homes. Getting a feel for what neighborhood we want to live in and also getting decor inspiration.

Honestly, model homes are my favorite place to get ideas on how to decorate. I learn so many lessons on decorating from scale to how to create beautiful vignettes.oversizedart

On this trip the thing I noticed the most was the use of over-sized art.

It filled the walls wonderfully and drew the eye upward.oversizedart2

I have been guilty of hanging one measly frame on a wall. And it looks so lonely floating there alone. Grouping medium sized pieces in twos or threes also is a good trick to fill the walls as well.


The impact is amazing. If your walls feel a little sparse, try this trick.

And does anyone else roam model homes in their free time? 

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16 thoughts on “The Art of Oversized Art

  1. I have a draft scheduled on over-sized art too! You beat me to it, of course. I gave up touring model homes… The new homes around here are stunning, and really expensive. I’ve thought about doing a model home crashing series, but I’ve yet to get started. It’s like a sugar addict walking into a candy store with no money to buy candy, you know what I mean?

  2. I love the blue in that last room. I also love the ceiling… At first I thought it was molding on the wall, but when I looked again I realized it was the ceiling. Now I just looked a third time and I think it’s molding? Whatever it is, I bet it’s making the ceilings look higher than they are!

  3. I saw your “like” on my blog and came here to visit yours. Lovin’ it! Yes, I too love to tour model homes or go to open houses on the weekends. I look forward to looking at your blog some more tonight. 😉

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  5. I love browsing model homes– although it has been years since I have done it. They are always so clean and clutter free too (one of the joys of not having real life inside!). I just wish I could get my husband on board!

    Take care,
    Caitlin @ Sunshine and Whiskey Blog

  6. I don’t roam model homes, I’m a pinterest with my morning coffee kind of gal. Your post is right on time because we just bought our house and the living room has 24 foot ceilings so I need lots of oversize art.

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