If It Doesn’t Matter, Get Rid of It

The place where I tend to want to start when I set out to make our home more beautiful, purposeful and functional is with purging.


I have a dirty little secret.

There’s a room in our house that I’m ashamed to admit exists. It’s a space underneath the stairs that we use for the girls playroom. It’s so packed that they can’t even really see what they have — much less actually get in there and play. And since there’s no system in place — it ends up looking like a tornado hit even after a big purge and clean out.

So for function’s sake — I have to tackle this area. There’s a ton of stuff in there that just doesn’t matter. Old happy meal toys, a left Barbie shoe, dolls with missing limbs and for whatever reason — oven mitts. #outofcontrol

I’m trying to teach my girls that more isn’t better and to truly appreciate all that they’ve been given. But how can they when they can’t access half of it. So tomorrow — the lesson begins. And our motto is: If it doesn’t matter, get rid of it.

My plan is to add a small bookshelf to hold a few books that the girls truly love. The rest will be donated. I also plan to buy a toy box and whatever fits in that box stays. Anything left over after filling the toy box gets donated. This is a low cost project so I’m sure I could come up with tons of ideas to store a ton of toys. But I’m at the point of making what we already have work.

So out with this old non-functioning area and on to something that the girls will truly be able to use and enjoy.

Wish me luck — I’m going to need it.

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12 thoughts on “If It Doesn’t Matter, Get Rid of It

  1. Good luck! I have at least two rooms that need to be similarly tackled … maybe now is the time to start (sigh) because it’s always good to clear away the old clutter. Thanks for the ‘kick’ 🙂

  2. I have been enjoying your posts! My son is seven months old and I feel like the toys are getting out of control, and it seems like his stuff right now is so huge.

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  4. Toys…the never ending purge project. I was so much better in our old house because we had 1/3 of the space. Now, we tend to forget about regular purges juste because it’s not making a mess and I want to be better about that. I hate having stuff just to have stuff!!

  5. Found you on the 31 days page and clicked over. I have enjoyed your posts. I would love to hear how you progress with your purge. We have a similar room and I, too, need to tackle it because our house is way too small for us to let “stuff” have a room of its’ own. That space in our home has become unusable and, like you, with three little ones we need the space to function. Looking forward to following along.

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