Fill it with Meaning

One of the things that makes home home is what it means. Those items that hold special significance and spark laughter, smiles and moments of reminiscing.

One of my favorite necklaces peeking out of my jewelry box

Like this jewelry box my husband gave me for our anniversary. It has the sweetest poem written by him on the bottom.


Or these pretty little delicate bowls I found while thrifting. They sit on my bedside table and hold my ring and earrings.

And not only items — but pictures. Memories of a moment, friends or places. And pictures that the kids have drawn.

board makeover5

When you make a home you fill it with things that have meaning to you and your family. So when you walk through your door — this place is yours. No matter if it’s temporary or if you plan to live there forever.

Fill your home with meaning. 

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And as always

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