What Moving 5 Times Taught Me


Really — I’ve moved more than 5 times in my life since I was a military brat — but I’m not counting those. I’m counting the moves that my husband and I have made since we’ve been married.

Crisscrossing across the United States with two (or three) kids in tow is not the easiest thing to do. It’s stressful, tiring and frustrating. But I haven’t come out of those five moves without a lesson or two learned.

1. Purge often

This is a lesson that I — right this very minute — need to practice. Open a few closets and purge things unapologetically. Moving is no fun when you have a ton of junk that you have to toss in order to fit your life on one tiny (or massive) moving truck. It’s less of a hassle if you just keep up. Make it a monthly thing where you find a few things that are collecting dust or taking up much needed space. If I were to move today — a third of the stuff would be headed to the dumpster. That tells me it’s time to purge.

2. Next does not always equal best

I always got this fairy tale mentality that when we packed up to move that the next place would be better than where we were currently. We always moved states — not neighborhoods (and often time sight unseen) — so my thought was that this place or that place would be better than the last. I’ve learned a lesson about being content from all the moving we’ve done. A hard lesson to learn but an invaluable one because now I’m not getting the itch to move on to the next place. I’m perfectly happy to call this place home — for now.

3. You may bend but you won’t break

Not to say those fragile items that weren’t packed properly won’t. But moving is stressful. Just remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That last box will be packed and make it onto the truck — even if there is silverware AND kids toys in the same box. And on the other end — things will all be put away where they belong eventually.

4. The family makes a home — not a house

We have lived in some beautiful places. Places that I long to return to at times — but the thing that I have to remember is that my family is what has made the memories what they are. So what Florida has the most amazing blue skies and palm trees — without my husband and my girls — I would have noticed none of it. No matter where we go — we go together and that’s more important than a perfect house.

5. Make it beautiful — because beautiful does matter

Moving so many times can make anyone want to just throw their hands up when it comes to decorating. What’s the point if we’ll be moving in a year? That’s what I thought for a long while. Until I took the time to actually hang up a pair of curtains — not only for privacy reasons — but because I loved how they softened the hard edges of a room. Or until I painted a canvas for our living room and it suddenly tied everything together. It was good. It was really good. And I was hooked on making things beautiful. My husband was happy to come home to a place that felt like there had been some effort made and my girls were excited to see what new thing mommy had done while they were at school.

There is satisfaction in making where ever you are beautiful — even if it is temporary. It matters.

I know we will move again — forever home here we come — but I’m not focused on that. I’m focused on where we are now and how I can make things beautiful and functional for us right now. I’m doing it on purpose. Which makes all the difference.


Don’t miss a post in my 31 Days to a more Beautiful, Purposeful and Functional Home.

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9 thoughts on “What Moving 5 Times Taught Me

  1. What a good reminder! I’ve moved close to 30 times in my 36 years (my parents were movers and gave me the gene) and often times in my head I think “we are just going to move again, it doesn’t matter if I do that {fill in the blank}” but when my house feels like HOME I’m so much more content.

  2. My husband and I have only moved 3 times together, and all within Virginia, but a quick count and I can recall 16 moves in my life. I am among the minority who loooooove to move, I have a hard time staying in one place too long. I have 3 kids now so I have to kind of stay put, but you best believe I’m on my Trulia app checking out new neighborhoods all the time. It’s a problem.

    • Omg that Trulia app! I had to delete it because it had me wanting to move every week. My husband is just like me so we daydream a lot since our 3 kids are finally grounding us lol.

  3. Thank you for writing this post! It is like you read my mind. Our family has moved a lot and we always seem to have “the grass is always greener on the other side” mentality. Now we are learning to be content where we are. I’m also relieved that my husband found a new job locally so we don’t have to move again and I can continue to work on our house. Still, I feel a compulsive need to purge our junk.

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