The 3 Decorating Words I Live By

3 decorating words i live by

Just like growing up and figuring out what you want to do with your life, it takes some time to develop a decorating style. It’s easy to go to a furniture store and buy a set — lamps included– but it takes a little bit more forethought to put something together that’s collected, showcases your personality and is functional to your lifestyle.

There are three words that sum up my decorating style and makes it easier for me to add things to my home that will fit. When I’m shopping or DIY-ing something, whatever I come up with will usually fit one of these three categories.



I don’t like a lot of clutter or things that are fussy. Simple to me means clean lines, neutral colors and classic silhouettes. I have had the same lamps for years. Their shape is simple and they can be updated with a new shade. Simple doesn’t mean boring — instead it sets the foundation for everything from accessories to lighting to textiles.



I find myself to drawn to timeless pieces. I’m not a trendy person — so I tend to avoid chevron, ombre, and the trendy colors of the year. I gravitate towards versatile pieces of furniture and art that will last for much longer than a season.



If there is one thing that I love is shimmer. Gold, silver, crystal, glass — anything that reflects light just exudes luxury and glam. I love adding a little shimmer to every room because it catches my eye and keeps things interesting.

Now, everything in my home isn’t simple, timeless or shimmery — but these are the main elements that build the foundation. Of course, I throw in something random from time to time like this to add in some whimsy but it definitely helps to have a go-to formula for decorating.

I challenge you to come up with your own words that define your style and see how much easier it makes the decorating process.

What three words describe your decorating style?


15 thoughts on “The 3 Decorating Words I Live By

  1. Love these 3 decorating words. I am the same. Trendy doesnt work for me as I dont have the money to keep switching out things because they have come and gone. I totally agree with you, which is why I love your decorating style.

    • Thanks! I just played around until I got a the look I was going for!

      I love that you can define your style! I think I’m such a mash up of things that its hard for me to pinpoint!

  2. I love your three words! although I can’t say I have three. I think a phrase, that’s three worded :), that describes mines is “Of the moment” and its basically however I am feeling at the moment. I go to extremes, may feel modern one year and traditional the next.

  3. Movable (lightweight, can be taken apart easily). Sturdy (can’t be broken by four teenagers and their friends or the movers). Inexpensive (can be easily replaced when it does finally get broken.) πŸ˜‰

    I’m actually just now starting to decorate, after 20 years together. For years the focus has been on just affording. So now we’re actually putting things up on the walls. I’ll have to keep up with you, ’cause I *know* this isn’t the last move as the husband claims. Hahaha!

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