How to Redecorate with No Money


I know a lot of what stopped me from decorating our house in the past was the fact that a decorating budget just did not exist. I remember when we moved to Florida (from Philadelphia where I did zero decorating) my mom gave me a set of four frames. I was so excited that I immediately put some family pictures in them and hung them on the wall.

And honestly — that’s where I got bit by the decorating bug. I had always loved making things pretty — but I thought it took a ton of cash to get the look I wanted. But those free frames started the wheels turning in my head. I looked around for other free things that I could make into something beautiful.

Over the years — I’ve figured out ways to decorate our home with little to no money. Trust me it’s very possible.

1. Swap furniture, pillows and accessories


A really simple way to change things up is to swap out furniture. I do this all the time. I move bookshelves and tables and chairs because what works today may not work tomorrow. Or you decide to use a space a different way. Currently, I’m using an old TV stand as a side table and it’s working magnificently. Look for things that can be used in a different area in your home — sometimes for a purpose it wasn’t originally meant to serve.

2. Paint Something


We’ve always lived in rentals so painting hasn’t always been an option. When I can’t paint walls — I usually find a piece of furniture to paint. Whether it’s a neutral color or something brighter — painting mismatched furniture allows for harmony even if you start with a rag tag team of furniture. Also — paint allows you to inject your personality through color.

3. Trade

My friends sometimes out grow their furniture and accessories. And so do I. That’s when a trade can happen. It’s a free way to get new things that you can transform to fit your decor — if it doesn’t already work in your home.

4. Get Creative and Repurpose


Sometimes you’ve got to use what you have in unexpected ways. I turned this watch box into a decorative container. Or even using the box our sheets came into as a storage container for the top of our cabinet. Start to look at things differently and items will become second nature. I have to remind myself not to hoard because I usually can think of a way to repurpose anything.

I’m grateful to my mom for those four old picture frames because it really created a passion in me to search for ways to make home home without spending a ton of money.

Do you have any low/no cost decorating ideas? 

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12 thoughts on “How to Redecorate with No Money

  1. I use plants. Also I’ve starting bringing in fresh flowers from the garden. Even nice green branches can look nice in a vase on your table or mantle.op

  2. Thanks for the reminders! I hadn’t thought of trading with friends. That would be a fun party to attend, a swap meet, I guess.

    I try not to hoard everything too. If something sits around for too long without me using it, I have to chuck it because clutter drives me batty (my decorating/craft closet isn’t very big or organized).

  3. On my mother’s side, life was tough during the Depression for the young family moving to the U.S.A. from Canada. The goal was to pay cash for a house someday and not to redecorate the apartment they lived in for many years. I remember when my grandmother got her house so it took a long time. You remind me of her with your cheerful and creative nature. I love what you do and your three little girls are so blessed to have such an artistic and imaginative mother.

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