Home is Right Where You Are


This phrase kept popping into my head today.

Home is right where you are. 

I’m not sure if it’s all the changes in my life right now or the fact that the girls are getting older and me too for that matter — but I keep searching for that settled feeling. I keep looking forward to what’s next instead of making the most of what’s now.

I grew up a military brat — shuffled from this state to the next — never really getting a chance to feel like I truly belonged before the orders were handed down and we were shipped off to the next place.

I call Virginia my home but right now here in Texas. But I keep thinking about leaving. About moving closer to our family.

And I’m forgetting that I live here right now.

I want the girls to feel secure at home — wherever that may be — so I know that I have to stand firm where I am.

A good friend once told me to be where your feet are. And right now my feet are in Houston, Texas.

Sometimes when home is far away — it’s hard for me to give my all to this place that isn’t really my home. But I’m here for a reason. God has guided us here and I can’t lose sight of the fact that I’m supposed to be here right now today. And maybe even for years to come.

I wouldn’t trade anything for my experience being a military brat. It made me stronger, more willing to take an adventure and a master at packing up a house.

Where I am today is home. Right where I am.

Sometimes I just need a little reminder.


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