Painted Watch Box DIY

paintedwatchbox (1)

I hate to admit that sometimes I hoard things other people would throw away without a second thought. For whatever reason, my mind always manages to think of some way to use something that would otherwise be in the trash.

Take this plain old watch box and a single copper spray painted drawer pull.

paintedwatchboxbeforeI couldn’t help but see this watch box as a cute little storage box to sit on my nail head trim table.

I’m a sucker for monochromatic so I painted this the same color as the table and it also happens to be a variation of the color I painted the mirrors in my bedroom.

paintedwatchbox3I glued the copper drawer pull on and called it done. I’m so in love with the copper and this shade of blue. #perfectmatch

It’s a simple thing to do — transform something that was headed towards the trash can into something useful. It may not be a huge box but it can hold q-tips, cotton balls, matches or even jewelry.


So tell me, am I the only one who looks at trash and sees what it could be? 

And as always —

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19 thoughts on “Painted Watch Box DIY

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m not even kidding, I have a watch box that I have been hoarding for over a dozen years. The watch doesn’t even work anymore, but I still have the box. I’m totally doing this!!

  2. Very clever to put the knob on the top. This is a great idea for hiding the jewelry that always seems to end up on the bathroom counter. By the way, my blogging friend, because of you…I now have six of the cutest tiny little clear jars in my kitchen drawer. I’m saving them to do a project with after seeing all the cute stuff you’ve done with jars. They are different shapes but very small.

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