3 Trends I Can Jump On the Bandwagon For

I’ve never been known to be a bandwagon jumper. I usually take the path that no one is on. And I enjoy my peace and quiet.

But lately there have been some trends that I’m trying my hardest not to jump on the bandwagon with. I usually wait awhile to determine if the trend is going to become classic and timeless or if it will be everywhere and then fizzle out.

Like chevron and ombre.

So if you see these trendy things pop up in my home — don’t be surprised. I’m crushing hard.

1. Poufs

 photo 1-rumi-neely-fashion-toast-home-tour_zps810a0795.jpgvia

I’m having a slight love affair with poufs. At first I thought they were stupid. Because really — it’s really just a grown up bean bag chair. Then I realized that they are everything. Seriously — they’re so versatile. I love how it’s being used as a coffee table in this photo but they also can double as extra seating. I have seen a few that I have fallen head over heels in love with — but sadly they were out of my price range. But I’m keeping my eye out.

2. Fiddle leaf fig trees


I was really hesitant about this one — stubbornly refusing to even entertain the idea of getting one of these. They’re everywhere. And it’s like being the only kid in 7th grade without an iphone. You just feel really lame with your mom’s cast off flip phone. So if I can find one of these guys — I’m pretty sure he’ll be coming home with me.

3. Sea Urchins



I have seen these everywhere for awhile now and I always loved them. But because I have seen them everywhere — they just seemed so unoriginal. I love the use of them in this photo. Grouped and hanging. In love. I’m not so sure I’m going to run out and purchase myself a few sea urchins — but I have a blank wall that’s just screaming for some sea life.

That’s my top three. What’s on your trending list?Β 

and as always

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15 thoughts on “3 Trends I Can Jump On the Bandwagon For

    • Yes! For sure. Thanks for the suggestion. I feel like I need to layer in some different finishes in this room. But I’m doing the tortoise thing with this room. Slow and steady πŸ™‚

  1. I am loving poufs. I purchased three small poufs about two years ago and it was so hard to find them. I ended up purchasing some from Etsy because no store had them, now it is pouf craziness in any store. They are such a fun addition to a room.

  2. I am still obsessed with antlers and stags. I’m dying to get a deer head on my wall… Then I think “what kind of animal loving woman says that?!”. This one apparently! But I don’t know if is rather buy one or give into my husband’s pleas to hunt it (though he too thinks he’d feel bad). I’ll stick to humanely shedded antlers in the meantime!
    I also love the ferns! I have more of a black thumb than a green thumb… Need to find a great faux one haha!
    Take care,

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