Monochromatic Master Bedroom

Our bedroom has been one of the most neglected rooms in our house for far too long.


I started by painting the mirrors and then painting them again with a moody blue. And then the bedroom sat for months — untouched — and it was driving me crazy. I really wanted to create a restful place for us that we actually wanted to come to at the end of the day. I wanted to make a room that we enjoyed being in — instead of what it had become — a glorified laundry room.

Clearly, I’m still fine tuning this space. I’d love night stands with drawers, a bench at the end of the bed and I even imagine a small writing desk in here somewhere. But I am really already enjoying this space.


I decided quiet purposefully to make this a monochromatic room. I love pops of color but nothing I tried seemed right. It was jarring and not at all in the quiet, restful vein I was reaching for. So I stuck with variations of gray as my base. If I want to add color at any point, it will be easy.masterrevamp11

I hung curtains not too long ago and I love the pattern. They really make the room feel finished. I can’t say enough about curtains. Hang them!


We have two dressers in our bedroom that hold our trays with all our perfumes, cologne and jewelry. I’m no pro at styling surfaces — but we actually live in our bedroom so I didn’t want to add any thing that’s unnecessary or that will be in the way.




I also tried to add in a few plants. They make me happy. I relocated our little lemon plant from the living room until I can find another one I like.


I shared our small sitting area on the other side of the room last week but ultimately I envision a small writing desk here if I could ever find the right piece.


I added the sparkly pillow — which I LOVE — to the chair. I just love the glam.


I also added a huge mirror opposite the window. It reflects so much light and makes the room feel even larger. I love the drama of a huge mirror.


Next to the bathroom we have a small cabinet that holds our towels and also has a hamper at the bottom. I love being able to hide the jumble of dirty clothes behind a door. And even though the one linen closet in the house is just a short walk down the hall — I love having our linens right in the room.


I used the top of the cabinet as an opportunity for a little more gray and a pop of blue.


And that’s it. For now, I’m loving the direction. I’ll continue to add until it’s just right. Normally I avoid the bedroom unless I’m sleeping — but I’ve been drawn to the space now that it functions way better than before. It’s become a bright, relaxing space. Exactly what I was after.

And as always

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11 thoughts on “Monochromatic Master Bedroom

  1. I like all the layers of gray you used. It feels quite soothing but not boring. Color is awesome, but I appreciate a muted color scheme for a bedroom, since it’s where I go to relax and decompress. Yours seems like it is perfect for this!

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