Waiting Game & Stuff I Loved

The past week was a waiting a game. It was time to renew our lease and we weren’t really sure if we were going to stay put or if we were going to move.

So while we discussed our options, my creativity was put on hold. Actually — it just sort of fizzled out. I hung one pair of curtains in our bedroom but held off on hanging the other pair — just in case. All my ideas for redoing the girls room fell from my thoughts.

Because — moving — that just takes priority over everything.

But we signed the lease earlier this week and like magic — everything I’d put off came rushing back in a flurry of “Let’s Do This.” Ā I know I can’t possibly tolerate things as they are for another year. Might as well make it like home!

That second set of curtains isn’t hung yet — but I did cross one thing off my list.


I got one of the girl’s beds painted. I’m tackling the other one tomorrow.

Their room is so tiny — bordering on claustrophobic — so I’m hoping the white beds will lighten and brighten the space. I love that even in their small room — most nights they end up in the same bed.


While this flower doesn’t look like much now — I have an idea to use it as a wall hook for their robes — that are ALWAYS on the floor. Since we rent I don’t want to screw hooks into the wall so this is the perfect fix. I’ve already started painting it.

On to the stuff I loved this week.

I find new blogs I love on a daily basis. I found this one and I’m in the process of diving deep into her archives. I love that she’s decorating a rental!

This totally works. I had an old red juice stain on the carpet and it came right up.

I’m all over this gorgeous DIY.

This looks mouthwatering. And all things I usually have on hand.

Sara bed

Loved this bedroom styling.

What did you love this week?Ā 

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10 thoughts on “Waiting Game & Stuff I Loved

  1. That feeling of limbo is such a creativity-suck! It must’ve been a relief to get a plan in place. I can’t wait to see how the girls’ room comes together. šŸ™‚

  2. Amazing how a little bit of paint can liven and brighten. The bed looks awesome! Happy re-decorating! PS – holes are easily fixed so you might as well go on and screw into the walls and make yourself happy this year šŸ˜‰

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