Simplicity & Chalk Painted Books



Simplicity is essential. 

When I saw this quote, I knew immediately that I wanted to remember this.

It’s easy for me to get away from simple and really over complicate things and my life.

And in trying to decorate a rental where I can’t knock down walls or paint or hang anything really heavy on the walls, this should be my motto because everything that I do tends to be simple. Which hopefully lends an air of sophistication to our home. Less can definitely be more.



Trying to add color in a rental can be a challenge without painting walls. So I turn to books.

I love decorating with books. It’s so easy to add height to tables or a little bit of color to a boring corner of a room.

There were a few books I had that I gave a little, simple makeover to. Don’t worry, I’ve read them and I usually read books only once. Unless it’s this book — I’ve read it twice.

I grabbed a few colors of leftover chalk paint that I had on hand and brushed on a few coats.




I know it might seem silly to paint a book but the way I see it I could spend hours in a thrift store looking for books that match the colors in my room. Or I could just paint them. Simple is better in my book. And such a time saver.

There’s something luxurious in the simplicity of these painted books. The titles on the spines of the books used to scream their names but now they sit quietly, drawing only the kind of attention to them that I want. No one will know if what’s behind the paint is a guilty pleasure or a literary masterpiece — or one of my husband’s finance books.


I like for our tabletops and shelves to be filled with meaningful things. And as much as I love books, they add so much visual clutter. I would never paint EVERY single book we own to match a color palette — but a few here and there are perfect.

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20 thoughts on “Simplicity & Chalk Painted Books

  1. I agree that simple is a good–and sophisticated–way to go especially in a rental. I love what you’ve done with this! I have some not-so-great-ugly books lying around that I was going to use as “coasters,” but I like this idea more. You’ve definitely given me an idea that is starting to brew! I love the colors by the way!

  2. What a cool idea…and the colors! I just went through some old books I was going to toss or donate. I’ll have to look at them again, now. 😉

  3. I popped over and read the review for 32 Candles and saw the comparison to 16 Candles and Molly Ringwald. I went to school with John Hughes and was friends with his wife for many years. One of our friends has a diary from those days and she showed me the entry from 1967 where John told her that day that she looked, “Pretty in Pink.” Funny, isn’t it, how things happen?

  4. I love this idea! I wish I would’ve thought to paint books! So creative. Also, I was wondering how you take your pictures. They’re always so pretty and crisp on those nice white backgrounds. 🙂

  5. Such a good idea! We were talking about ways to fill a bookshelf and getting books from Goodwill was an idea. By painting them, they don’t have to be pretty on the outside. Thanks for sharing!

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