The Ebb and Flow of Life

Some times, with life, there is a rush of activity that consumes the days and the nights. Other times, it ebbs and allows for time to take a break and to breathe.


For the past couple of weeks, life has been flowing. Not in a bad way, but flowing nonetheless.

My days have been spent being a nurse, a hand holder for brand new rollerbladers and cheerleader at school field days.

There has been lots of talk about giving up on being perfect lately. And let’s face it, no one believes the hype anyway. In the past I have wanted to do it all, to be the mom extraordinarre, but that goal is close to unattainable. For me anyway.

So I’m grateful for nurse, hand holder and cheerleader.

I cherish the moments spent rocking a two year old to sleep. A two year old who this time last year still fit comfortably into my lap. I cherish watching my girls learn something new and cling to me with fear and excitement. It will only be new once.avery flower

So while there are a ton of things I would love to get done around this place, I’ll just take my time because my kids are only kids this one, blindingly quick time.


I’ll be back to business as usual after I get a few more hugs and kisses from my three little misses.


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