What I’ve been eating

Trying to eat better is a challenge for me mostly because I don’t always know what to eat. I tend to keep it pretty simple and eat the same things over and over.

I’m down 5lbs and I wanted to share what I’ve been eating. Personally, I’m always inspired by seeing what other people on their healthy journeys are eating — and not eating.


Green juice: spinach, pear, cucumber, cilantro, bit of honey for sweetness


Greek yogurt with blackberries and honeysalmonasparagus

Salmon and asparagusgreekyog

Greek yogurt with blackberries and strawberrieshummuspretz

Pretzels and white bean hummushummusbroc

Broccoli and cucumbers with white bean hummusbakedavocado

Egg baked in avocado and berriesgrapefruit


Salmon, quinoa, kaleblackberrydessert

Blackberry shortcake (under 100 calories)

Greek yogurt, kiwi, blackberries, coconutappleandcheese

Apple and string cheese

I’ve also been drinking a ton of water and making an effort to walk or run everyday. I like to eat the same things because otherwise my brain would explode. I feel better overall and have more energy than I’ve had in ages.

Two resources that have been super helpful are My Fitness Pal (exercise and food tracker) and  Eat This Much (a automatic meal planner). It’s not easy but it’s so worth it.

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9 thoughts on “What I’ve been eating

  1. Kudos to you! I’ve begun my walking routine, now if only I can change my eating habits it would help (like give up bread and chocolate) but it’s a start. Good luck and keep up the good work.. (no pain-no gain)

  2. Good for you! Is it still going well? This food you made looks so yummy. For me, my food NEEDS to look good. Is that just weird? lol… Anyways, I wondered if you might share the order in which you ate these items, and how many days they were stretched out. Thanks 🙂

    • I have my good days. I totally agree with you on food looking good. I sure can share the order of my meals. Maybe that will actually help me to keep better track of what I’m eating!

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