The 6 Ways I Stay Inspired


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All my life I’ve been the creative type. Writing stories and illustrating them myself. Sponge painting my walls purple and turquoise — back when sponge painted walls were accepted and even celebrated. We had this book called Things to Make and Do back when I was a kid. I made and did something every single day without fail.

Now that I’m an adult with three kids who are incessantly hungry and in need of clean, matching clothes, and a home to keep clean — and pretty — I sometimes lose my creativity. And to be real — being creative is who I am. When I lose that, I just plain feel lost.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but these are a few things that help me get my head back into that creative space. Or really just to be inspired to do anything. Like clean underneath the stove.

1||  Write a top 3 list for your day

Like Santa, I make a list and I check it twice. Full disclosure — I’m a list person. Making a list of my top three things to get done gives me something to focus on instead of wandering aimlessly through life. And HomeGoods.

2||  Play a song that gets you pumped up

Like everyone else in the world, my two go-to songs right now are Happy by Pharell Williams and I’m the Man by Aloe Blacc. Music is inspiring in and of itself. Whenever I feel a funk coming on, I turn up the radio.

3||  Take time to play

We can’t always stay connected. My number one time suck is Facebook and Pinterest. Sometimes I’m on both at the same time. I have to disconnect sometimes and take myself on a play date. Whether it’s lunch out with friends, a walk in the park with my littles or a trip to the library to flip through pages in beautiful books. I always feel really inspired after I experience the world in ways other than on my computer screen.

4||  At the end of the day, remember one great thing that you did that day.

I beat myself all the time when I look at my list and realized how much I didn’t get to. Buuuuut I take the time out to really focus on what I did accomplish. And I tell you people, it really does wonders for my self-confidence. Sure I could beat myself up about not mopping the floors or finishing my meal planning for the week, but I usually have done something that day that I am proud of. Focus on that thing.

5||  Laugh out loud

This one I totally don’t do enough of. Luckily I have a pretty clever 2-year old to keep me amused. I can’t recommend laughing enough. I’ve heard medical studies about the amazing restorative powers of laughing but on the most basic level, when you’re smiling and laughing, you’re usually in a good mood. Good moods are great for getting the inspiration you need to get things done.

6||  Have a bigger vision

I love this one the most because it’s what keeps me going. I know that my inspiration is going to benefit the bigger picture. Maybe those frames don’t get hung today or that spot beneath the window is still waiting to be furnished. The thing I realize is that the end vision is what’s important — not the baby steps it takes to get there. Whether I’m painting a picture, trying to decorate a room or even just get out of the house with three fully clothed children, I have to see the end goal in my head.

If all else fails, I usually just take a nap.

What do you do to stay inspired?


13 thoughts on “The 6 Ways I Stay Inspired

  1. Between work, family, church, school, relationship, oh and SCHOOL, my creativity gets lost in the “must do’s” and the “must have done’s” in life but one thing I have found myself doing a lot lately is purposely daydreaming. And I mean like really elaborate “WANT TO” daydreams of things so big, so bold and so imaginative of things that I would do if I had all the money, time and support in the world! For some strange reason…it works for me and before I know it I am inspired yet again!

  2. I have so many things on my to do list daily, that I sometimes get tired just looking at the list. I always tackle the thing I want to do least, first. It works for me. I think it helps to have the best thing to look forward to…something fun. I got my federal income taxes done Monday and the rest of the week was all good!

  3. I LOVE this post. Working from home and being your own boss is one of the toughest adjustments I’ve made in my life. It’s so easy to fall into a slump, but you’re so right! Good tunes, getting out of the house and having a reward system are all great ways to fend off the blues. And I’m totally going to use your “Top 3″ tip. I also find that it helps if I get fully dressed (outfit, makeup, hair, shoes) as if I were heading out into the world for work, even though I’m just heading to my spare bedroom. Thanks for posting these tips!

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