In Love | Easels

If there is one thing that I have always overlooked in decorating is easels. I’ve always thought of them as a utilitarian object. Something to be used to make art not as a display or even a beautiful fixture to a space. But I saw a photo of art being displayed on an easel and it just changed my mind about utilizing them in rooms I’m decorating.

And bonus! No holes in the wall if you rent (which I do). You can display your art without having to repair any walls.

image via

Framed art on an easel - brilliant!

image via

Getting ready is like creating a work of art.  Mirror on easel makes an easy vanity.

image via

Flat-screen TV stand from a 19th Century English Artist's Easel (repro) by Restoration Hardware. Great films-are-art idea.

image via

A TV on an easel!! My heart just stopped.

image via

I love the easy, sophisticated look of easels as decor. What do you think? Would you display art (or your TV) this way?


8 thoughts on “In Love | Easels

  1. For decorating a home for a single person, I LOVE this idea!!! My mom uses the picture frame holders to display decorative plates, bowls, and other little odds and ends…never thought to use easels! AWESOME! And I agree with the first post…I love the new hair cut!

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