The Most Neglected Room in the House

Decorating is a process. Especially for me because I get a vision in my head that shape shifts several times before something I love forms in it’s place.

I have always been reluctant to invest too much time and money into my kids rooms because they don’t spend a ton of time in their rooms. And I suppose the reason they don’t spend their time in their bedroom is because it’s small. With two twin size beds and a full sized dresser, it’s pretty hard to do much more than sleep.

But lately, my oldest has been using the bedroom more and more as a retreat to work on her rainbow loom bracelets and her new found love of reading these Cupcake Club books.


So I’m feeling compelled to make it a space where she is comfortable and enjoys spending time in.

I had been saving up my ideas for our forever home, but we’re on the verge of signing our lease for another year, so I figure that I may as well invest a bit into making these spaces special for my girls. I’ll be focusing on my two older girls shared space first.

Here are my plans for the shared bedroom…

Girls Pink Flamingo Bedroom

1|| Ikea Fjellse Bed Frame – This is no longer available on their website but we already have two of them. I plan on painting them white to make them look more finished.

2||Pink Navajo Duvet Cover I’ll admit it. I have fallen hard for tribal print in recent weeks. I even bought a tribal print shirt the other day. The colors in this duvet cover will really brighten and set the tone for the rest of the room.

3||Ikea Gavik Table Lamp The only light in the room right now is the overhead fixture. My middle daughter has been asking me for a night light for awhile now and I think this may be the perfect thing. At only $15 it’s definently in the budget.

4||Bai Pick Me Up Alarm Clock We discussed our girls having an alarm clock and using it to wake up themselves in the mornings. This one is cute and I think the pink is perfect.

5||Ikea Mandal 6-drawer dresser  We purchased this dresser for the girls at the same time we bought their beds. It has a ton of space so it will be staying in the room.

6||Ikea Stockholm Throw I want to add something at the foot of their beds for them to snuggle up with when they’re reading. The texture of these is amazing.

7||Mint Wire Basket The girls need a place to toss their things and help to keep the top of their dresser neat. I like this metal basket for that purpose.

8||Lampsplus Massey White Modern Nightstand I need something with a very narrow foot print for in between the girls beds. Something like this would work well.

9||DENY Pink Flamingo Pillow I have been having a slight obsession with flamingos lately. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re pink and girly and whimsical but I’m in love. I’d love a pillow or a print to hang that showcases a flamingo.

For my girl’s room, I plan to use mostly what they already have (Ikea beds and dresser) and update the bedding. I want to add some style and flair. Both of my girls love pink so I think this is perfect. I don’t think I’ll use the exact items from the list but I want the room to have this overall feel.
I can’t wait to get started. I’m going to collect the pieces before I begin to put the room together.
What do you think of the Pink Flamingo Bedroom? Any ideas on how to maximize space in a small bedroom?



7 thoughts on “The Most Neglected Room in the House

  1. Looks super cute! Not sure how high the bed sits off the floor, but some cute flat boxes or baskets for storage could maximize that “underneath” space! Also, depending on how much room you have leftover after the beds and dresser, you could grab one of those ottomans that have a removeable top and storage inside… I’m all about hidden storage 🙂

    • The beds are pretty low, leaving pretty much no usable space. I totally love that idea though! The ottoman idea is brilliant but their room is soooo tiny those wont fit either. Guess I’ll have to figure out a way to go vertical. Thanks!

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