Sunday Rewind

Sundays are my catch up day. I catch up on all the laundry and all the TV shows I missed during the week

So I decided to use Sundays here on the blog to get caught up with older posts you may have missed.

Turn Wine Bottles into Pottery

This was one of my favorite DIYs. I used chalk paint on old wine bottles and they actually turned out to look like pottery. Great way to use up those old bottles you’re saving for the perfect project.

4321 spice rub

4-3-2-1 Spice Rub

I use this spice rub ALL.THE.TIME. It’s so delicious.

How to Clean Crayon from Vinyl Flooring

Luckily we haven’t had another run-in with crayon on the floor but I have a bottle of this stuff ready just in case.

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