So glad it’s Friday & Stuff I loved this week

To be totally honest, it was really hard to get back into the swing of things this week. On the heels of a FANTASTIC spring break, getting back to real life was a challenge.

Nevertheless, there are a ton of things that I LOVED this week. And with all the amazing stuff that’s out there, I couldn’t in good conscious keep it to myself. This is all the stuff I loved this week.

1|| This post about what we need to rid ourselves of to help our kids with entitlement.

2|| Fieldstone Hill Designs shared 4 simple steps for an affordable designer room. Brilliant stuff.

3|| Loved these great ideas about organization from Seventh House on the Left

4|| I took this quiz on Lonny to find out my Spring Style. I got the Prom Queen. Imagine that.

5|| This. Foolishness personified.

6|| I’m totally smitten with this chair makeover over at Living Savvy

I’m off to enjoy a low key weekend with trips to the library planned and not much else!

What did you love this week? Do tell. 


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