Spring Break in 3 Photos

Only three pictures because I was having so much fun, I forgot to take more. While I love that our week was so fabulous, I wish I did have a few more photos to document it all.


I got a haircut! I went in not planning on it but came out with this longish bob. I love it. And the fact that my neck will be able to breathe this summer.

spring break

My three ladies after a long day with the grandparents at the zoo. They had such a good time and this picture makes me giggle every time.

tea party

And my littlest lady at her first official “fancy” tea party. It was so adorable. She had her own tea pot and got the hang of pouring herself tea. Love the memories.

Our break is over now. The grandparents have gone home and the two oldest are back in school. Back to real life.

Oh — I’ll be partaking in this fantabulous free online class that Tobi Fairley is teaching starting today. It’s all about Function Driven Design on Creative Live. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a live streaming class and having done a few of them, I’m telling you they’re so informative and inspiring. I learned a ton at her last class. If you have time to watch the live stream, it’s totally worth it!



4 thoughts on “Spring Break in 3 Photos

  1. It’s always a bummer when you forget to “snap away” – but the one of your 3 lovely ladies is priceless! I imagine just looking at that one photo brings back all the memories of a wonderful week 😀

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