In the Bedroom | His and Hers Trays

Don’t underestimate the power of a tray for organization in the bedroom. Or anywhere for that matter.

I’m focusing most of my energy in our bedroom these days. I’ve gotten the bed taken care of and finally have pinned down the colors for the room. So now my attention is on the details.

About a year ago I bought these two trays from Hobby Lobby for about $5 each. I loved the masculine snake skin (alligator? crocodile? I’m no good at identifying animal prints) and though the color matches our furniture almost identically, I love that the tray itself sort of just fades away.

I took some time this morning to get our trays organized. Over time, they can get junky since it’s where my husband empties his pockets.


My tray holds my jewelry and my perfume. To balance the tray I added a small stack of books and my brand new plant.


I use one of my larger perfume bottles to hold my bracelets. I’m still searching for a good way to store my necklaces. They’re a jumbled mess in the small, lovely bowl.


I love the animal skin texture. Even without a color, the texture is so interesting.


I try to keep my tray organized so that I can find things when I need them. The girls love to play dress up with my jewelry so my tray rarely stays this way for long.


My husband’s tray is much like mine. It holds his cologne, his watches, glasses and collar stays. He usually tosses change, business cards and whatever else is in his pocket at the end of the day.


I used a spice jar that was collecting dust to corral his collar stays. I like that they’re all together and easy to find when he needs them. Before, he just tossed them on the dresser. And little fingers used them as playthings quite often.

I’m fighting the urge to fill every surface in my home with a tray. They are just so useful.

Do you use trays in your home? 

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