Neutral Nelly

neutral pillows

No matter how hard I try (which isn’t very hard obviously), I just can’t seem to choose items that will inject that punch of color I’m after in our master bedroom.

I’m more of a neutral type of girl anyway, despite what our purple chairs have to say of the matter.

It’s looking like this bedroom is going to be a neutral backdrop to a nice pop of color in a throw and to artwork. I’m ok with that. My tastes change like the weather here in Houston (70 yesterday and freezing rain today, geez). A nice neutral room works for me.

Not at all what I set out to create. Funny how that happens.

I picked up a patterned pillow over the weekend. It’s navy blue even though it looks black in the picture (and on my bed). I was going to take it back, but I think the pattern is adding texture where there was none. I also need one more floral pillow to complete whatever this vision in my head is.

After I settle this pillow problem, I think I’ll move onto the walls. They’re painfully bare. Wish me luck.

Do you inject color into your spaces easily? Do you have any tips or tricks that will make it easier for me to choose colorful accessories? 


11 thoughts on “Neutral Nelly

  1. In college I was all about the dark stained wood with red accents. I had an old (really old), red, leather chair, red pillows for the couch, red kitchen appliances… I went to Texas Tech. Now that I am married and working on decorating our home, I am finding myself stuck in neutralville too. The best way I have found to break up the monotony is to paint. I painted the fireplace wall as an accent wall because it is small and doesn’t overwhelm the room, but adds some interest!

  2. Michelle,
    Hi! I just sent you an email because I wanted to share a picture of a room with you. I think you might be adding too many colors. I’ll be asking you for advice soon via the blog.

  3. When I’m in a color rut, I go to TJ Maxx or wherever and just buy anything that I think might possibly work. I take them home and experiment, then return the rejects. It’s really hard sometimes for me to visualize those color pops when I’m in the store (or even if I’m in the room sans color pops)… I have to actually see it all together to make a decision.

  4. I’m just like you, much rather a neutral base scheme and add colour by way of accessories or upholstered/painted furniture. That way it can be more subtle. Its fun to add layers and not just colour, but texture and pattern too, then the end result is stylish and warm without being too over bearing. I think your bedroom will look stunning :O)

  5. Michelle,
    Here are a few tips you can keep in mind.
    1. When you add color, try to have it represented in the room in three places. This way the color pop will seem intentional and not hap-hazard. Try a pillow, a frame and maybe a decorative accessory of throw blanket.
    2. In my view the navy pillow was the wrong type of pattern (too similar to the floral/leaf pillow, just a smaller scale. Try looking for a pillow in a different pattern style–maybe a larger/more open geometric, a stripe or even and plaid.
    3. Also be careful when you are mixing neutrals with white (the accent in the navy pillow) because white can become a bad contrast against the neutral. Look for a pillow with color and that maybe has a darker shade of a neutral to proved a nice contrast. I’m emailing you a few pillows you might consider.
    Hope these tips help.

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