Happy Weekend & Stuff I Loved This Week

happy {blooming} weekend !

image source unknown

This week sort of flew by for me. I finally got some much needed rest which equaled a whole lot of energy/inspiration to finally take care of somethings that needed doing. But before the weekend gets too hectic, I wanted to share some of my favorite and the most useful {and hilarious} things I’ve found this week. There is so much good stuff out there on the web that I just can’t keep it to myself.

This really good advice from The Nester about focusing on the good while decorating a space that’s less than perfect. I found this so useful and I plan to start using this advice immediately.

I have never read anything so funny in my life. I literally had tears of laughter run down my face as I read this story and then I read it aloud to my husband and cracked up all over again.

I came across a new to me blog and fell deeply in love with her easy but polished style. I’ve been combing over the archives for two days now.

Remember how I’ve been flubbing my way through decorating our master bedroom? Well, I may have found something that has saved the day. Confetti Style talked about how important pillow selection is for a room. Picking pillows is serious business people.

Hopefully you have some good stuff planned for the weekend. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Weekend & Stuff I Loved This Week

  1. I have really enjoyed following along with your Master Bedroom. It tickles me you consider it “flubbing” .I say this because every single picture you’ve shared looks like a beautiful comfortable space.

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