Thursday Tip | 2 Things That Keep Me Sane When Surrounded By Chaos

It’s no secret that I have three wonderful, darling daughters. With that said, things can get pretty chaotic around here from time to time. And by time to time I mean ALL. THE. TIME.

I do my best to keep our home tidy and organized but, let’s be real, reigning in three girls who each have a different craft project going on is nearly impossible.

Toys and Lego’s and hair bows and rainbow loom…and…and sometimes it gets to be too much. Clutter and messes give me hives. There are two things that I have to keep together or it just feels like the whole house has exploded. And when that happens I throw my hands up and go hide in the closet and rock back and forth. #ikid. #notkidding

1. Make the bed everyday 

bedroom makeover 1

This was one of the things I wanted to be intentional about this year. When I make the bed each morning, it motivates me to keep our bedroom clean. Which in turn motivates me to keep the bathroom clean. Which motivates me to vacuum. See what happened there? Making our bed has a snowball effect for me. One thing leads to another. Not to say that I’m deep cleaning our house every single day, but it does help me stay focused on keeping things under control.

2. A clean kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly the hub of our home. We share meals, we do homework and we gather here to catch up on elementary school gossip. If it’s messy, no one wants to spend time in there. And my nerves can’t take a messy kitchen. So if there’s anything that I do everyday, is make sure the kitchen is clean.

I can’t lie, I am not one of those people who enjoys cleaning a house–though I have mad respect for the Fly Lady. I’d rather be doing something else (like painting) but it has to get done. These two little things really help me to feel relaxed at home, even in the of midst the chaos my three little ladies cause.

What things keep your sanity in check? Do you do anything specific everyday? Do tell. 

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7 thoughts on “Thursday Tip | 2 Things That Keep Me Sane When Surrounded By Chaos

  1. I agree with you- I can’t stand a messy kitchen! Just doing the dishes and wiping the counter lowers my blood pressure. I’ve banished toys and school stuff from the family room too- it helps my sanity!

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