Here We Go Again|Repainted Master Bedroom Mirrors

Yesterday morning started with a full cup of coffee and the determination to finally figure out this blue mirror thing. Avery and I had a leisurely morning, story time at the library, a little shopping and lunch.

When nap time rolled around, I decided it was time that I face those mirrors.

I’m going to be real. Color is a hard thing for me. What I like doesn’t always translate into what I want. And what I like and want hardly ever meshes with what my husband likes. He’s got to live here too, so his opinion does matter.

I’ve had my fair share of misses with colors, but I always end up in the right spot.


In my mind, I saw either a darker blue or a gray being the color to go with. I slathered on a swatch of both and decided that blue was the hands down, heavy weight champion of this paint color match.

The new blue (which I have dubbed Storm Cloud Over a Blustery Open Sea) is a color I mixed up to my liking.


I grabbed a couple of craft paints (navy and black) and added and stirred paint until I was happy with the color.


I used the entire bottle of black and about half of the navy to get the color that I ended up with.

To be totally honest, I wasn’t sure how this color was going to turn out but the good thing about paint, is that you can paint over it.


After painting one mirror, I snapped this happy shot of myself because, FINALLY, I loved this color. And do notice that I was way too lazy to haul the mirrors down to the garage to paint them AND too lazy to tape off the mirror.


Side by side, it’s almost hard to tell the difference between the colors, but the new color dried a ton darker and it’s perfect.

It’s really hard to tell the difference in these photos, but in real life, it’s a really obvious change.


Because I’m using chalk paint, all I did was use a damp rag and my finger to scrape off the excess paint.


I also used this very sophisticated tool to scrape the bits my finger missed. What is it? Why, it’s my husband’s collar stay. #usewhatyougot


So here they are finally in the color that they shall stay. Unless I change my mind again, which I am known to do quite frequently. I didn’t bother placing them back in their home because some things changed and these babies are homeless for the time being. I’m having to rearrange some things first.

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7 thoughts on “Here We Go Again|Repainted Master Bedroom Mirrors

  1. That is sure a big room. I didn’t realize what a big space you have in your apartment. That is nice. I’m a fan of the new blue and really impressed that you mixed it your self.

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