Thursday Tip|Get Rid of Nighttime Accident Odors For Good

Every Thursday, I want to bring you something useful. A tip, if you will, that will give you those ever so elusive a-ha moments we all dream about.


This week has been one crazy roller coaster. There has been the broken cell phone saga, the bank debacle and now the nighttime accident snafu.

And that’s what I want to talk about today. If you have kids, inevitably you’ve had to deal with night time accidents from time to time. And I never knew pee could smell so…strong.

So I went looking for a solution to get the smell out of my daughter’s mattress. {She did have a mattress cover but it ripped and we hadn’t replaced it yet at the time of the accident.}

Awhile ago I pinned this and it’s the first thing I tried. To be honest, I wasn’t convinced that it was going to work but I figured if it didn’t work I would try Febreeze next. I had mouthwash on hand so I didn’t have much to lose.

It’s an odor remover originally made for pets, but I figured it it works for pet accidents, then it should work for human accidents too. So I mixed up a spray bottle full according to the recipe found on the blog First Home Love Life. {Check out the link for full recipe and instructions}

And wouldn’t you know, when the mattress dried, no odor and no stain! I was amazed. Now, I have a bottle sitting on my shelf for those just in case moments. 

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