Window Shopping|Tuesday Morning

Window Shopping

Tuesday Morning is one of those stores that I regularly forget exist. A few days ago I made a trip out to Tuesday Morning to see what they had to offer and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

I loved the color and shape of this little table. It was only $20 and it would have made it home with me if I had somewhere to put it.

They had a great selection of accent/slipper chairs.

I’m a sucker for a good basket and they had tons. I love the gray Moroccan patterned basket. Totally regretting not picking that up for the bedroom.

More baskets. They were so cheap!

I loved this one with the silver handles. This would be a great bread basket in the kitchen.

These baskets were larger and would be great to use as hampers. I love the pattern on all of them.

I was surprised at the amount of real furniture they had to offer.

Oh the pillows were amazing. None were really over $10 and they had so many shapes and colors. I’m totally enamored with the Suzani print pillows. I need them in my life.

This gray pillow had great texture.

I’m so not a fan of yellow but these pillows had me enamored as soon as I saw them.

They had a nice little selection of faux flower arrangements. I’m a plant killer so I personally loved these.

Gray vases. Shiny. Glam. Love them much.

This mini globe was super cute.

These little vases were cute.

And pears. Oh my. I have a pear obsession. I’ll share all about that soon.

This starburst mirror was gorgeous.

And wow this wooden…thingy. Love so much texture.

Have you ever been to Tuesday Morning? Have you been window shopping lately?

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5 thoughts on “Window Shopping|Tuesday Morning

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your recent visit to Tuesday Morning. I was reading an email from this this morning and told myself I need to make a visit. After seeing your post I have a few things on my shopping list. Perfect timing and inspiration.

  2. Loved the detailed description of the ‘wooden thingy’! LOL. Did you ever find out what the thingy was exactly? Nice post though and cool pics of some interesting finds. Thanks for sharing.

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