Thursday Tip|The Laundry Philosophy That Literally Changed My Life

Every Thursday, I want to bring you something useful. A tip, if you will, that will give you those ever so elusive a-ha moments we all dream about.

laundry tip

I don’t know about anyone else, but laundry is the bane of my existence. There’s just sooo much of it. It’s my true to life Never Ending Story.

Every now and again I get a stroke of genius that is honestly just too good to be true.

Like I did for this laundry philosophy that literally changed my life and the way I launder our clothes.

Now if you’re single and only worry about your clothes, this tip is not going to blow your socks off the way it did mine. However, if you have 2+ kids, a husband and a pile of clothes that look like Mount Kilimanjaro — listen up!

Wash one. Fold one.

Every. Single. Day.

Wash one. Fold one.

And you, my dears, will be on top of the world. Your laundry will never get away from you and the sheer feeling of accomplishment will have you feeling like a gold medal-ed Olympian standing on the podium with your national anthem playing over the loud speaker.

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17 thoughts on “Thursday Tip|The Laundry Philosophy That Literally Changed My Life

  1. We joke about our laundry mountains too! They’re endless! We’ve been following the “Wash 5, Fold None” method, which is pretty much the least efficient method out there. Thanks for the tip. We might be able to get this under control, or I’m going to need to stock up on carabiners and compasses to find my socks soon.

  2. sounds great, but Im not sure it would work for me,, unless the one I’m folding(tonight) is actually the ones that were washed the night before.. ugh., I hate laundry. Thanks for the tip though.

    • It works however you need it. Usually I wash a load at night and fold it the next day. As long as I wash one a day and fold one load a day, I never fall behind (at least not too far!)

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  4. Oh how I hate doing laundry and with 4 people to take care of…I’m always seeing and never ending sea of clothing. I am going to take your advice, I just want to stay on top of my fluff and fold duties but I seem buried most days.

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  6. Laundry used to be my absolute favorite chore, but 4 kids later I’m the same as most mom’s-buried underneath it. I do try to throw one load in every night, but I’m terrible at getting it folded. I will try harder!

  7. I admit, I’ve tried the method you’ve suggested in response to the mountain of clean laundry to be folded and it hasn’t worked for me. It became almost more exhausting to me because I was doing laundry every single day. I use cloth diapers also so I was already doing diaper laundry every other day. The compromise I found that works for me and makes me less exhausted even thinking about it it to set aside two days a week: one day for clothes and one day for hot wash (bedding, towels, undies, etc). And immediately after each load is to fold and put away. I found the discipline is required in the folding immediately afterwards as you suggest. I’m at home all the time so setting aside a good portion of the day works for me, but I’m guessing as the kids get into school and more activities I may have to go back to a load a day as you suggested.

  8. I hear ya! I hate laundry too. We’re a family of five so you can imagine just how much laundry piles up at the end of the day. I agree your tip might work for some people. For me though, I hate the thought of doing laundry everyday. Haha! So, I’d rather stick to doing it just 3 times a week.

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