Valentine’s Day Ombre Cupcakes

ombre cupcake cover

I’m not a baker.

But I love sweets so every once in awhile, I dust off the old baking equipment and get the oven nice and hot.

ombre cupcake 5

Yesterday was one of those days. Mostly because good old V-Day is right around the corner and my lovely daughters deserve something pink and sweet.

I wanted to try my hand at an ombre cake, but that’s way out of my league. So, I thought ombre cupcakes would be easier. 

ombre cupcake 4

It’s seriously an art. That I haven’t mastered.

If anyone wants to know the deets, all you need is a cake mix (I used classic white) and red food coloring.

ombre cupcake 1

Mix the cake as directed and pour 1-2 tablespoons of your first color in the bottom on the cupcake line. Next add 1-2 tablespoons your second color. And finally add your third color in the same manner.

I use marshmallow fluff as frosting because everything tastes better with a marshmallow on it. Trust me on this.

ombre cupcake 2

Sprinkle on some lovely colored sprinkles and your V-Day just got a little better.

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